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Company: Embedded Solutions 3000
Details :


ES – Embedded Solutions 3000 has a deep knowledge of operative communication protocols/standards in the military world.

Embedded Solutions also has vast experience in the civilian world.

Military networks require more complex architecture than civilian networks:

  • Unstable end-to-end connectivity between source and destination.
  • Limited bandwidth allowance per source and/or destination.
  • Strict prioritization requirements.
  • Hard real-time requirements.
  • Traffic and protocols restrictions because of special military network devices (gateways, encoders, firewalls, etc.)

Embedded Solutions 'adapts' civilian standards to military communication applications.
It allows you to adhere to strict military requirements and still be fully interoperable with existing civilian standards/protocols.

Embedded Solutions engineering is split into two specialized teams: 

System Expert Group

  • Requirements Analysis
  • Top-Level Design

Algorithms Development

  • Software Development Group
  • Detailed Design
  • Implementation & Testing
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