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Netherlands Defence College
Netherlands Defense College offers career training and specialized job-oriented courses for officers of all services and civilian personnel of the defense organization. It also has facilities for conferences, seminars, meetings and training activities to other defense organizations and affiliated organizations.
Courses offered by the company are-
Residential live-in courses:  It includes joint modules strategy, security policy and foreign relations, public administration and joint warfare, service-specific modules on sea, land, air operations and on service-specific management issues.
Navy Staff Course: It includes the modules management skills, public administration and security issues.
Army Staff Course: It includes the modules basic management, basic strategy, basic operations, doctrine, combat operations, army in peacetime, peacetime operations, final exercise.
Air Force Staff Course: It includes the modules Air power, management, communications, leadership and managerial skills, context of the air force.
It also offers courses on subjects like national and international security,  organization and management science, military science, and communicative,  social and leadership skills.

Address:P.O. Box 20701 Brasserskade 227a, 2497 NX
City:The Hague
Country :Netherlands
Phone No:31 15 2844305
Fax No:31 15 2844728

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