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VisionWavesVisionWaves, the innovative management solution company, was founded in Zeist, The Netherlands, in 2000. Inspired by a common vision on integrated enterprise management and sharing a down-to-earth attitude, VisionWaves is an innovative company of highly motivated, qualified and experienced professionals. Driven by vision, no compromises were made.

The New Standard for Management
The result is revolutionary in its straightforwardness, the ability to improve performance by total coherency, increased manageability and easy alignment with existing systems. We are referred to as the "The New Standard for Management". VisionWaves delivers the world's first integrated, VisionWaves Delta Platform. With its international customer database and offices around the word, VisionWaves offers global coverage. The company helps its clients to create value with lower costs and higher profit and enable companies to manage the right things.

VisionWaves Delta Software
The VisionWaves Delta software has been designed with the business manager in mind. Everything from user interface to collaboration was developed aiming at the same goal: provide the optimal and integrated workspace for the manager. From strategic management meetings to daily operational management, Delta offers integrated information and active management tools for every business function or role.

Based on the VisionWaves Delta Methodology and strengthened by the company’s customers experiences, Delta offers the right assistance for every hierarchical or functional management area. Whether customers are managing a strategic value chain comprised of many organizations, a division or business unit. Or have a responsibility for a functional area like risk, compliance, innovation, HR, IT or finance. Delta will give them the right information and management tools.

Delta Business
- Manager - for active business management
- Viewer - for integrated synergy analyses
- Designer - for improving business models

Delta IT
- Platform - for data management, collaboration and execution of processes and rules
- Connectors - for integration in customer IT architectures

- Integrated Weapon System Management
- Performance Based Logistics
- Hospital Management Solution
- Insurance Management
- Insurance Broker Management Solution

Address:Bergweg 173
City:3707 AC - Zeist
Country :Netherlands
Phone No:+31 30 6981010
Fax No:+31 30 6914967
Website :

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