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Larsen Premium Precision Parts
Larsen Premium Precision PartsFine mechanical parts of undeniably high quality are essential to the workings of a machine and are decisive for a company's reputation. This is our field of activity. Larsen is the specialist in premium milling and turning work. We are fully equipped with the knowledge and technology required to produce special parts made of stainless steel, aluminium, synthetic or exotic materials. We work for demanding clients who cannot and will not accept anything less than premium precision parts.

Larsen manufactures several high quality products and components for medical applications. The following products, materials and material workings provide a brief overview of the possibilities.
Products:applicators, components, etc. for medical equipment.

High quality components plus flexible and dependable delivery. Larsen understands the needs of the semiconductor industry: both the front office and the machine park are equipped in such a way that they can respond adequately.

Qualified process production that makes high demands on tolerances. Suppliers in the energy sector have to meet very specific requirements. Larsen serves its clients on a premium service level.

Sports cars are all about engineering and appearance. Larsen helps sports car manufacturers – for example, Spyker – to think about production options for technical parts and uses its machining knowledge to embellish visible parts.
Products:visible parts of interiors, specific technical parts in small series.

Address:Ambachtsweg 36
City:3899 AR - Zeewolde
Country :Netherlands
Phone No:+31 (0)36 5220931
Fax No:+31 (0)36 5220051
Website :

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