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Geocopter B.V.
Geocopter B.V.GEOCOPTER is an ESA business incubatee. Its main product is the Geocopter GC- 201, an unmanned helicopter system with Earth observation sensors, including a thermal infrared camera and a special soil moisture scanner that can be used for aerial dike inspection, aerial flare inspection and 3-dimensional mapping.


Security & Defence
The GC-201 is a stable and flexible platform for live image footage of police and military forces in action to the Command and Control center. The GC-201 can operate invisible, safe and quiet at 150 meters for a long duration (up to four hours) while supporting police and defense specialists. The GC-201 equipped with specific sensors can also assist in counter IED operations.

Aerial Flare Inspections
The GC-201 is a fantastic platform for the inspection of flare stacks, chimneys and pipelines. Typical products are hi-res digital photos and thermal infrared imagery showing worn parts, joints, cracks, overheated sections, and gas leaks. Geocopter UAS has been selected for inspections at Air Liquide, Basell, BP, DOW Chemicals, Kuwait Petroleum Europoort, Nerefco, Sabic, Shell, and Total Fina.

3D Mapping
The GC-201 is an innovation in 3D mapping to update large scale vector maps, orthophotos, and digital elevation models. This new system shortens delivery time, improves safety of infrastructure and road work, and reduces costs of mapping updates.

Traffic Flows
The GC-201 UAS is very well suited to capture traffic flows, at any given time and place. While the helicopter hovers over the location it collects all the information needed for traffic models to locate bottlenecks and improve the traffic situation. The GC-201 can operate invisible, safe and quiet at 150 meters for a long duration (up to four hours).

Water Management
The GC-201 provides water management a new tool to monitor dynamic water flows including pollution, and to capture high resolution sensor data to determine the safety status of water barriers. In one single flight failure indicators such as water seepage, the conditions of vegetation and deformations are located.

Energy Loss
The GC-201 is also used for environmental monitoring. With thermal infrared imagery citizens and industry can be made aware of possible heat loss of their properties.

Emergency Response
The GC-201 was designed for real-time data acquisition of a disaster site, such as forest fires. The aerial photographs can be connected to existing geodata and are therefore very effective and supportive to rapid emergency response operations.
The GC-201 is easily mobilized to capture and process aerial photos and thermal infrared images of a disaster site within a few hours after the disaster has occurred, and makes the data real-time available to those in charge of emergency response operations.

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