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ESRA Engenharia Servicos e Representacao Aeronautica Ltda
ESRA Engenharia Servicos e Representacao Aeronautica LtdaESRA Engenharia Servicos e Representacao Aeronautica Ltda specializes in manufacturing and supplying aeronautical products for the Brazilian Air Force.
Currently ESRA has commercial structures in Belo Horizonte, MG and Belem, PA also in the central and north regions of the country to perform the following capabilities.

Maintenance and repairs in ground support equipment and landing gears
Supply aeronautical parts and equipment
Production of aerospace weld, flight helmets
Company offers Helmet for helicopters are like:
Eph night-NVG: 

Microphone M-87 or M-101/AIC for militaries aircraft with fixed wings or helicopters
Microphone M-7A with noise attenuation for civilian or polices aircraft
Headphones with impedance range from 19 to 1200 ohms
Individual volume control of level noise.
Eph Road: ESRA develops a system of communication to be connected in the helmets of Road Patrol allowing an agile, efficient and fast communication between the user and the Base. 
Eph for fixed wigs:
Company develops engineering projects to solve problems of integrated communication and security, military, paramilitary and governmental areas. In additional, the company?s projects involved in the following fields like surveillance system via radio until great systems of transmission, receiving with images, audio, biometrics systems of face recognition, data and images storage, links for aircraft and integration of the system with GPS.
Services offered by the company are repair and deep modification of the hydraulic and mechanical wheels of displacement of helicopters.
ESRA offers training courses with instructors of level III in the following areas:

X Ray
Eddy currents
Magnetical particle
Penetrating liquid
Corrosion and control
Grounding and sealing
Some of its authorized representatives are David Clark, NS Microwave, Interface Displays Controls, etc.
ESRA Engenharia Servicos e Representacao Aeronautica Ltda is a member of American Chambers of Commerce of Sao Paulo and FIESP/CIESP Organs.
Company has been quality certified to AQS and ISO 9001 standard.

Address:Rua Loanda 982
City:SP 12238-330, Chacaras ReunidasSao Jose dos Campos
Country :Brazil
Phone No:+55 12 3934 8289
Fax No:+55 12 3931 7213
Website :

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