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Schmid Telecom Brasil Ltda
Schmid Telecom Brasil LtdaSchmid Telecom Brasil Ltda produces communications systems, and offers networks solutions for digital voice and data transfer voice communications systems used in air traffic control.
Some of its products are:

Platform ICS 200/60-integrated communication systems for air traffic
ICS sky-voice communication system for large ATC centres
ICS traffic-voice communication system for international airports
ICS compact-voice communication system for regional airports
ICS mobile-voice communication system for mobile ATC applications
ICS connect -access node for ATC networking
Watson TDM-dedicated access solutions for leased line and infrastructure networks
Watson NGN-multiservice access solutions for business and residential networks
Capabilities of the company include:
Access solutions: It enables carriers to benefit from advantages today and to secure their investment towards future expansion in fiber-access.
Voice communications: Company offers five solution packages that have been tailored to the needs of Air Traffic Control, and designed to cover the whole spectrum of ATC applications from large Sky solutions for ACC and APP to Mobile solutions for military and civil applications.

Address:Rua Itapeva, 366, 13 Cj. 131
City:CEP 01332-000, Sao PaoloSao Paolo
Country :Brazil
Phone No:+55 11 3288 6877
Fax No:+55 11 3251 0709
Website :

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