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Metinjo Metalizacao Indl Joseense Ltda.
Metinjo Metalizacao Indl Joseense Ltda.Metinjo Metalizacao Indl Joseense Ltda. is a company, which works with surface treatment aiming to protect the surfaces with metalic alloys, anode, paint, phosphate, zinc, zinc-nickel and other treatments.
Company's capabilities include:

Chromic anodizing
Sulfuric anodizing
Chemical conversion
Final inspection
Liquid penetrant
Effluent treatments
Laboratory capabilities include:

Laboratorial analysis
Visual inspections
Saline chambers tests
Layer measurement
Salt Spray
Services of the company include bath analytical control, deposit layer control (non destructive assay), test on saline mist chamber, effluent control, and self transportation.Company has been licensed by the Brazilian Government Environmental Department and certificated by NBR.
Metinjo Metalizacao Indl Joseense Ltda. has been quality certified to ISO 9001 2000 standard.

Address:Betim 80, Bairro Jardim Santa Fe
City:CEP 12.228-080, Sao Jose dos CamposSao Paolo
Country :Brazil
Phone No:+55 12 3944 1834
Fax No:+55 12 3944 2020
Website :

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