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Indios Pyrotechnics Ltda.
Indios Pyrotechnics Ltda.Indios Pyrotechnics Ltda specializes in providing distress rescue, troops training, anti-riot equipments serving marine, aerospace and other related applications.
It offers products like:

Hand held parachute rocket IFP-201
Red handflare IFL-202
Buoyant orange smoke signal IFF-203
Day and  night distress signal IDN-204
Manoverboard 15 minutes smoke and light signal IFI - 715
Smoke hand granade IGM-501
Miniflare kit IKS-109
Distress signal flare IFS-205
Waterproof reservoir for distress signals
IRP-800 day-night distress kit IKR-820
Sea dye marker IPM-309
Survivor kits 
Civilian products:

Hand Held Parachute Rocket IFP-201
Red Hand flare IFL-202
Buoyant Orange Smoke Signal IFF-203
Day / Night Distress Signal IDN-204
Man overboard 15 minutes Smoke and Light Signal IFI - 715
Smoke Hand Granade IGM-501
Miniflare kit IKS-109
Distress Signal Flare IFS-205

Address:Estrada Aruja, Santa Isabel Km 51.5 Bairro Tevo, Caixa Postal 52
City:CEP 07500-000, Santa IsabelSP
Country :Brazil
Phone No:+55 11 4656 2422
Fax No:
Website :

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