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DTC Dutch Thermoplastic Components
DTC Dutch Thermoplastic ComponentsDTC is a parts manufacturer specialized in molding and machining of advanced thermoplastic composites. The company’s high performance parts are used in aero structures and demanding industrial applications. DTC is an AS9100 qualified company.

- Compression Moulding - 5 Presses, size 700x1000 mm, up to 400C
- CNC Machining - Table size 1.300x3.600 mm, 5-axis, high accuracy, carbon, glass and light alloys
- Ultrasonic Inspection - C-scan, A-scan, phased array pulse-echo
- CMM Inspection - 3D coordinate measurement of parts
- Catia design - Catia V5

Aircraft Structures
PPS, PEKK and PEEK - carbon fibre
Characteristics: fabric reinforced, tape reinforced (PEEK), oriented layups, chemical resistant, high temperature.
Options: glass surface fabric for galvanic protection, bronze mesh for lightning strike & electronic shielding.

Aircraft Interiors
PPS and PEI - carbon / glass fibre
Characteristics: fabric reinforced, oriented layups. These materials fully comply with the latest fire, smoke and toxicity requirements. Very low heat release.

PA, PP, PE- aramid / PP / PE fibre
Thermoplastics offer a much improved impact resistance. This quality works out especially well in anti-ballistic products.

PA, PC, TPU and more- all reinforcements
For automotive components, helmets, bicycle parts and many more, a wide variety of material combinations can be moulded.

Structural parts
- Clips and cleats for fuselage structure
- Intercostals
- Ribs for wings and empennage
- Brackets for secondary and interior structure

System brackets
- Parts for electric cabinets
- Brackets for wiring
- Fire barriers

Non aerospace
- Helmets, special purpose and anti-ballistic
- Casings for electronics
- Anti-ballistic inserts for body armour

Address:Bolderweg 2
City:1332 AT - Almere
Country :Netherlands
Phone No:+31 (0)36 2000 123
Fax No:+31 (0)36 2000 130
Website :

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