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Aeroalcool Tecnologia Ltda
Aeroalcool Tecnologia LtdaAeroalcool was created in July of 2002 and is located in the city of Franca in Sao Paulo state and continues the work in certifying the engines Lycoming IO-540 series, from the airplanes Piper PA-25 and Neiva-Ipanema, having already carried out the first experiments with the engines Pratt & Whitney 1340 and Continental IO-520.

Address:Rod. Franca Batatais, SP 336 km 2, Jardim Aeroporto Municipal de Franca
City:CEP: 14430-450, FrancaSP
Country :Brazil
Phone No:+55 16 3701 7894
Fax No:+55 16 3701 7523
Website :

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