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International Aerospace 2012, Conference & Exhibition, November 28, The International Convention Center, Binyanei Hauma, Jerusalem, Israel

Opening Date: 28/11/2012
Closing Date: 28/11/2012
Location: Jerusalem, Israel
About the Israeli Aerospace Conference & Exhibition

The Aerospace Conference and Exhibition will be held on November 28 in the International Convention Center of Binyanei Hauma in Jerusalem. The event will consist of an exhibition of aerospace technologies and a professional conference with sessions on various relevant matters.
This announcement follows the great success of our international aerospace conferences and exhibitions in 2009 and 2010 in which we hosted many exhibitors and some 2,500 participants from all walks of the aerospace industry. Additional significant attendees were Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Defense Minister Ehud Barak and other officials from the ministry of defense and SIBAT (the Defense Export & Cooperation Division of the IMOD).
The Israeli International Aerospace Conference & Exhibition is an annual event held for the fourth time this year and designed to bring together global exhibitors, business and professional attendees from around the world. The event will feature discussions dedicated to major trends and changes facing the global Aviation Industry.
Target Audience
The conference and exhibition are intended for defense officials, military personnel, academics and researchers, senior managers and decision makers, engineers, developers and entrepreneurs in the field, officials from AGAT (the IDF planning branch), SIBAT, MAFAT (the IDF's authority for research and development), Israel's Homa Missile Defense Agency, and the air force.
The Aerospace 2012 Exhibition
Alongside the conference we will hold a professional exhibition showcasing leading technological companies and organization presenting new trends and technologies, services, products and systems from the military and avionics industry. Sponsoring the Aerospace Exhibition will give your company the exposure it needs in a dynamic and competitive industry and position you as an industry leader, maximizing your visibility before, during and after the conference. 
Conference Program
The Israeli International Conference for Aerospace Technologies provides defense officials, military personnel, managers and leaders in the aerospace industry and academy with an opportunity to meet and exchange ideas and views on current concerns.

Conference main topics:

• Air & Space technologies
• Air Defense
• Active Defense
• Civil Aviation
• Command and Control Systems (C41)
• Radar Sensing & Observation Systems
• EW Systems
Organizer: Technologies Group Ltd.
Source:Technologies Group Ltd.Date:08 Nov 2011

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