Company Overview

EPICOS is the leading international business to business platform for the high technology industries - providing Information Services and Tools to identify and process Business Opportunities on Procurements, Marketing and Product development and International Industrial Co-operation.

EPICOS is an open collaborative platform where professionals from the industry, government, universities, or any other related type of business can become an active member. EPICOS users are invited to upload their own company and product information, integrate their own service or just view content in the world’s largest industrial community

Our History

After over 13 years of operations, our clients requirements is leading us to yet another enlargement of our services to cover more Industrial Sectors. The NEW EPICOS Portal launched in late 2009 is a landmark to our history. We now provide information and intelligence to all industry sectors, from traditional sectors such as agriculture and construction, to high technology sectors such as defense, biotechnology etc.

EPICOS strategy is to become the reference Portal for all Industry members providing an open source of information and the right tools for every professional to promote its company and products, identify business opportunities and interact with other professionals around the world.

Geographical Coverage

EPICOS is providing News and Tender information on a worldwide scale and intelligence and consulting services in over 50 countries. We currently have operations in many countries, expanding globally covering the complete European activities and the vast majority of the North and South America, Middle East and Asian developments. Soon EPICOS will be able to provide a full service to a large number of sectors, countries and customers worldwide.

EPICOS Offerings at a Glance

Ø Government Tenders

Identification of New Business Opportunities - Procurement & Tenders Online access to tenders from around the world in an easy to use retrieval method.

Ø News and Information

Online access to the latest industrial developments for a large variety of high technology industries in the form of articles, videos press releases, electronic newspapers etc.

Ø Business and Product Directory

Robust directory to research, identify, evaluate and communicate with potential industry partners worldwide.

Ø Country Analysis (A&D only)

Repository of country profiles and overviews focusing on their Aerospace, Procurement, Defense industry and Offset activities. Information consists of market analysis, budgets, legislation, guidelines and more.

Ø National Industry Portals (A&D only)

A complete presentation of the activities and capabilities of the industry in specific countries, including product listing, latest events and many more.

Ø Project Opportunities (A&D only)

A unique concept providing, online, a set of tools enabling the identification, structure and implementation of comprehensive Offsets programs, through a searchable database.

Ø Consulting Services (A&D only)

Leading professional services focusing on specific customer needs and requirements for the identification of new business opportunities and development of industrial cooperation and offset projects.
Epicos is currently one of the very few companies that can provide such service on a global scale. Using our internal resources and our know-how on the capabilities of the over 3,000 industrial members we are able to identify and implement projects throughout the world in the most effective and efficient manner.

The EPICOS member community has been growing exponentially and now includes the majority of the main Aerospace and Defense companies, Governmental Organizations and more.

In addition, the EPICOS Platform is adopted by various governments such as Austria, Brazil, Bulgaria, Chile, Colombia, Czech Republic, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Israel, Kuwait, Lithuania, Malaysia, Netherlands, Portugal and Switzerland for the benefit of their local Aerospace and Defense Industry through the Epicos National Industry Support Program.

Finally, EPICOS offers a new and unique service for the Industrial Cooperation and Offset market, including the EPICOS "Project Opportunities" service, providing, online, a set of tools enabling the identification, structure and implementation of comprehensive Offsets programs.