National Industry Support Projects

Realising the benefits of the Epicos services and tools, the Governments of 17 countries have selected Epicos to provide their domestic Aerospace, Defence and High Technology Industries with a range of customised online and offline services as part of nationwide Industry Support Projects.

Under approved Offset Programs, Epicos assists the local industries in developing their technological and industrial capabilities and expand their market reach through the use of state of the art e-business technologies and a number of services and tools which are customised for the specific needs and requirements of each country’s industry.

In these countries, the local industries are integrated into the Epicos global e-business network, receiving thus full access to all business intelligence sections on the portal, allowing them to search and pursue new business opportunities. Furthermore the Epicos team of qualified and experienced engineers and business analysts is working closely with the participating companies and authorities in areas such as:

  • Analysing the industrial capabilities. In each country Epicos surveys and evaluates the industry’s technologies and capabilities and has created an extensive industrial capability database with detailed information of over 1000 aerospace and defence companies worldwide. The database supports finding the right partner for industrial cooperation projects and the creation of international strategic partnerships.
  • Promotion: Through its global e-business platform, Epicos provides the ideal forum for the promotion of the local aerospace and defence industries. This is done through focused marketing activities such as newsletters, banners, extended company profiles and the creation of the National Industry Portal, the complete source of information of the country and its national aerospace and defence industry.
  • Business support: Epicos actively supports the participating companies in identifying business opportunities through customised support services such as procurement reports which are tailored to the companies’ products and services, assistance in the search for foreign partners in targeted countries and more.
  • Industrial Cooperation & Offset projects: Epicos supports the participating companies in identifying areas and finding foreign partners for industrial cooperation and offset projects. These projects are tailored to fit the company’s business development strategy and may involve technology transfer, investments, marketing support, training or other activities. Projects are also posted in the Industrial Cooperation Marketplace on the Epicos portal.

Epicos is the only company in the world today, which carries out such a comprehensive Industry Development Programs and is continually expanding its network of member countries, with a target to reach at least 20 by the end of 2010.

Join us in our vision of connecting small, medium and major Aerospace and Defense companies around the globe and equipping them with the right advanced tools for the business challenges and opportunities of the 21st century!

If you wish to sponsor such a program or if you believe that your country and industry can benefit from such an initiative, then contact us