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Research and Markets has announced the addition of the "Drilling Fluid Additives for Enhancing Efficiency of Upstream Processes" report to their offering.

For effective oil drilling, oilfield drilling fluids are used in a very broad manner. The main functions of drilling fluid include well control, maintaining formation steadiness, removing drill cuttings from the wellbore during production, maintaining reservoir pressure, stabilizing fluid loss by filtration, providing adequate cooling and lubricity to the drill bit, and also assisting in data logging. During excessive use of drill fluid in high temperature and high pressure, the drilling fluid tends to degrade, which results in downtime and significant increase of drill cost. To stabilize the working of drill fluids, an additive that can optimize the efficient working of drilling fluid is needed. There is a huge demand for the additive, which can possess properties such as low cost, being non-toxic, and easily biodegradable with zero impact on environment.

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Key Topics Covered:

1. Innovations in Additives for Enhancing Efficiency of Drilling Fluids

- Eco-friendly Solvent to Increase Efficiency of Drilling Fluids

- Additives for Sealing Micro Fractures in Drilling Operations

- Powder-based Additive for Providing Thermal Stability to Drilling Fluids

- Viscosifier to Reduce Filtration Loss and Maintain Viscosity of Drilling Fluids

- Oxide Nanoparticle-based Biocide for Neutralizing Damaging Chemicals

- Surfactant to Increase Filtration Ability of Drilling Fluids

- Bio-based Drilling Fluid Emulsifier with Excellent Rheological Properties

- Graft Copolymer as a pH Modifier for Drilling Mud

2. Strategic Insights

- US Leading in Upstream Exploration Activities

- Research Focused towards Development of Cost Effective Additives that are Compatible with Changing Density Requirements

3. Key Patents

- Patents Covering Manufacture and Application of Drilling Fluid Additives

4. Industry Contacts

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