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Mogema are high-tech experts in welding, machining and vacuum technology. They also specialise in high quality engineering and assembly. This unique combination of activities is what makes the difference for customers: Mogema is a partner right through, from the development stage up to and including the delivery of the complete module. Mogema is part of Aalberts Industries, a leading network of specialists in production techniques and surface treatments.

Defence - Mogema is involved in defence procurement projects and manufactures welded structures in armour steel, aluminium and stainless steel, with accurate finishing. Examples include aluminium structures for radar systems and ground-based launcher units. They are familiar with defence guidelines, supplying under military supervision and compensation rules.

Vacuum - Mogema supplies total solutions for the vacuum market, e.g. process chambers with loading and unloading chambers, including helium leak testing and RGA analysis. They specialise in complex vacuum chambers and vacuum systems, right through from the prototype stage to series manufacture. Their expertise in welding, machining and assembly comes into its own for the manufacture of vacuum chambers. Whether stainless steel, normal steel or aluminium, from a solid block of material or welded, Mogema has a solution for every problem.

Semicon - Alongside their three key technologies of high quality machining, welding and vacuum technology, Mogema also plays a significant role in semicon engineering for supply chain management, product life cycle management, assembly and testing.

Oil & Gas - The oil and gas market is characterised by difficult to machine materials, highly complex geometries, high-end welding and small production runs. Work for this market is becoming increasingly specialised as companies have to drill deeper and deeper. Mogema is able to meet these complex requirements. They do this through their partnership with Kluin Wijhe, specialists in deep hole drilling for 35 years.

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Mogema Defence

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