Swales Aerospace, Inc.

01.General Information

Manufacturer of thermal and structural components and integrated systems primarily for spaceflight applications.

Company's Strategic Business Units (SBUs):

  • Engineering Services providing of broad aerospace engineering services support.
  • Civil Space Programs providing full service technology and systems solutions for NASA's exploration and science satellite initiatives.
  • Thermal and Mechanical Subsystems- It provides flight hardware and thermal management systems for commercial space systems in the US and Europe.
  • National Security Programs- It includes aerospace engineering and satellite capabilities for national security space sector.

Product list of the company includes-

Astronaut Tools/Crew Aids- It includes

  • Hand Tools
  • Power Tools / Accessories
  • Specialty Tools
  • Translation Devices

Integrated Products-company provides

  • Deployable Radiators
  • Heat Pipe Radiators and Panels

Structure- It includes

  • Panels, Tubes Struts, and I-Beams
  • Precision Optical Benches

Thermal Management- It provides

  • Heat Pipes
  • Loop Heat Pipes
  • Thermal Blankets
  • Thermal Louvers


Address:5050 Powder Mill Road Beltsville Maryland (MD) 20705 USA
Phone No:+1-301-5955500
Fax No:+1-301-9024114