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Company Profile
Condor S.A. Indústria Química is one of the leading companies in Latin America in the production of Non-lethal Equipment and high-tech Pyrotechnicals for riots, military signalling and salvaging. The company is known in Brazil and abroad for these products.
Condor S.A. was established in 1985 and since then it has developed and approved more than 80 products in the majority used by the local Armed Forces and by the UN in operations where passive defence is required. Their products are also used by Police Forces during their actions to control disturbances.
Condor’s vision is to have a world class reputation and a brand recognized by collaborators, partners, customers and community such as always excelling in technological innovation and in the continuous search for non-lethal solutions in the area of safety and pyrotechnics, thus protecting human life and preserving the environment.
Mission statement
Condor’s mission is to achieve competence, to create new high-end technology and quality products and services, which shall be able to compete and differ in the international market, thus assuring the growth and profitability of the company without leaving the wellbeing of our collaborators aside.
Condor’s vocation is to have creativity to find solutions in the technological field with the purpose of safeguarding lives and to find solutions for products acceptance in the management field.