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  Turn Key-Sorocaba unit  
  In its Sorocaba unit, Jaragua develops projects in turn key regime for Petroleum, petrochemical and chemical sectors. With Petrobras as its main client, Jaragua had already provided plants for Reduc, Redcap and Repar units, for which it was delivered fuel oil cooling systems, cyclones third stages systems for UFCC, and catalyser receiving, building up, dosing and pneumatic transport systems. A successful partnership that made Jaragua to be qualified as the main equipments provider for Petrobras, within the quality program carried out by the company.  
  Petrochemical and chemical sector  
  The development of petrochemical sector in Brazil had, since its beginning, Jaragua’s participation. In Brazilian petrochemical poles, as well as in chemical industry, the company may detach the equipments supplied by Jaragua, such as: evaporators and condensers, winged pipes toggle, double pipe, cooling air, distillation tray of all kinds, pressure ovens and vessels.  
  Jaragua, since its foundation, detaches itself on the production and supplying of rail materials, with high quality, efficiency and reliability for all Brazilian railways, siderurgy concourses, ore concourses port system and metro-rail systems.  
  With the constant actualization of technologies and rules applied in its products, Jaragua is being investing on machines, besides rationalizing its operations, through training and qualification of its collaborators, with the objective of reaching a bigger quality and flexibility in order to develop specific projects. Nowadays, Jaragua attend rail market producing routes equipments (RSEs), simple frog for railway switch (even/curve), double special frog for railway switching, special crossing, entire Mn frog for railway switching for paved areas, even/curve needle and many others.