About the Company

Empresa Nacional de Aeronáutica

Avenida José
Miguel Carrera N° 11087,
El Bosque
Zip Code: 802-0744
I. Commercial Aircraft IX. Maintenance
II. Painting and Stripping X. Modernizing and Modifying Aircraft
III. Avionics XI. Composite Material Workshop
IV. Interior Refurbishing XII. Airframe Workshop
V. Repairing with Composite Materials XIII. Power Plant and Wiring Workshop
VI. Non-Destructive Inspections (NDI) XIV. Paint Workshop
VII. Quality Assurance XV. Engine Area
VIII. Military Aircraft Area XVI. Component Area

Enaer, permanently focused on its customers, offers a wide range of services in the Military and Commercial Aircraft, Engine, and Accessory Areas, guaranteeing both quality and timeliness. For such purpose, it counts on engineers, technicians and specialists, certifications, and qualifications, as well as modern workshops.

This way, Enaer is recognized as an important company in the aeronautical market, not only at regional level, but also worldwide, occupying a prominent position and demonstrating that the high quality standards, and added value, are a result of the development reached.
Some important aspects making the difference in favor of ENAER as Repair Station, which should be taken into account at the moment of making decisions, are:
ENAER`s quality is based on the system ISO 9001:2000 SAE AS 9100B:2004, being permanently audited by FAA, Boeing and Embraer, among others. A demonstration of ENAER`s quality standards is the fact that The company has been appointed by EMBRAER as the vendor of the year, thanks to the quality of its products.
The Repair Station is subject to ENAER`s quality standards, being its processes, personnel, materials, and vendors permanently audited. The above allows the works performed at the Repair Station to be of high quality, with no complaints from its customers for the last three years.
The technical capability of ENAER`s staff is very high, 65% of the same has an effective aeronautical license, and 100% has attended formal courses on Boeing 737-200/300/500 material. In the military areas, ENAER counts on highly skilled technical personnel, all of them working under the corresponding aeronautical license for each of the military aircraft on which maintenance job is performed.
As a result of the high level as reached by ENAER in the manufacturing of parts and pieces, it currently manufactures structural parts for those Aircraft being inspected, thus allowing the operator to lower the costs and the turn around time. ENAER is the only repair shop in Chile having such manufacturing capability.
According to the corporate policy of fully transparent processes, the technical representatives of the customers sending their Aircraft to ENAER for repair are located at the hangar, very close to the airplane, and count on all the information related to man-hours, materials, and works on line with The company’s systems, so the customer is sharing the information with the Repair Station management, thus avoiding undue or excessive charges.
Aware of the specific needs of its customers, ENAER conforms to their requirements, and is able to generate several alternative work quotes, at the same time that, during the operation, every step aimed at meeting the additional requirements as posed by the customers is taken.
Experience and responsibility have allowed ENAER to make very accurate initial estimations of costs in man-hours or quotations. Usually, they do not show variations, and when they do, slightly differ from the initial estimations.
Thanks to its trajectory and logistic support, ENAER is able, at a very competitive price, to emerge as an alternative of major maintenance, which will fully comply with the delivery dates, shortening the turn around time with a quality difficult to surpass. For this purpose, and as a signal of confidence, contractual mechanisms protecting our customers are offered in relation to potential delays.

ENAER`s Repair Station is a high level technical entity having the capability of performing major maintenance on BOEING 737-200, 737-300, and 737-500, for which it specifically counts on FAA, DNA, and DGAC certifications from Chile, Venezuela, Mexico and Uruguay allowing it to have air companies such as LAN Chile, Avant Airlines, Aerolíneas Argentinas, Pluna, Rutaca, Sky airlines and the Leasing Company Pegasus from USA as permanent clients. To this, the capability of performing avionics modifications such as TCAS, ATC, GGPWS, and GPS on BOEING 737-200 should be added.
To obtain the capability above mentioned, The company has being permanently investing to optimize the support tools and equipment necessary for the activity, among which the paint shop is prominent, giving it significant coverage when a major, integral maintenance solution is searched for, where the quality jobs, the transparent processes, and the customer satisfaction are privileged, keeping always in mind the most precious good of any air company: flight safety.
ENAER offers a unique cost-effectiveness ratio to our potential customers, since we are committed to build a relationship generating value for our users in terms of agile contact, quick response, operating effectiveness, and low labor cost.


Thanks to its qualified personnel, and its modern facilities, ENAER can strip, sand, degrease, wash, paint the exterior and interior of aircraft, by selecting the paint, primer, and surface treatment ensuring an optimum finishing.

Surface Treatment (Masking, Stripping, Alkaline washing, Phosphatizing, Alodizing

Exterior Painting, Masking, Primer, Base color, Corporate colors, Logos, Registrations, Stenciles

Interior  Painting,
Seats, Passenger cabin, Pilot cockpit

Also, full capability and state of the art technology to apply "High Solid" paint, or others, thus allowing the painting of Radomes, Tanks, Landing gears (or other minor components), Corporate logos on the fuselage and tail. It should be mentioned that said capabilities are supplemented by an air-conditioned paint shop of 400m2

The modifications on electronic, navigation, flying, or displaying systems that ENAER can carry out at its facilities allow:
  • Implementing the Communications Systems, HF.
  • Implementing the Satellite Navigation System, GPS.
  • Implementing the Anti-Collision Air Systems, TCAS.
  • Implementing the Ground Proximity Warning System, GPWS.


ENAER also has the experience to refurbish interiors, including:
  • Painting cabin, lavatories, and galleys
  • Rearranging the interior
  • Repairing and painting the side panels, floor, and upper panels.
  • Renewing upholstery and carpets
  • Renewing galleys
  • Renewing lavatories
  • Renewing closets
  • Renewing the class partitions
  • Renewing the overhead luggage carrier

Several prestigious and well-known companies have trusted ENAER, since its quality standards and qualified personnel guarantee a specialized, world class service. For all the above, ENAER is a highly reliable alternative.

We are experienced in repairing: Control surfaces, such as:

  • Ailerons, Elevators, Spoilers, Vertical Rudder, Flaps, Doors, Panels, Radomes.
  • Engine Nacelles such as: Thrust Inverters, Covers, Exhaust Pipes.


The non-destructive inspections performed by ENAER are carried out by experienced specialists, offering the following alternatives:

  • Detection of Internal Discontinuities, and Thickness Measurements, by Ultrasound.
  • X-Rays (stationary, and portable equipment)
  • Detecting Surface Discontinuities, and Sub-surface discontinuities by Eddy (induced)
  • Multi-frequency Currents.
  • Boroscopic Inspection
  • Inspection with Penetrating Fluids
  • Magnetic Particles


In order to guarantee the customer satisfaction, ENAER should ensure that its services to comply with the quality requirements as posed by the international aeronautical standards or those directly or contractually established with the customer.

Enaer is permanently focused on, and counts on the capabilities to control, verify, and comply with stringent quality standards, activities that can be performed at its chemistry, physics, and metrology laboratories, and the National Standards Custodian Laboratory of Pressure Magnitude.

Enaer is a high level technical entity having an extensive capability to maintain and modernize aircraft, timely and efficiently.

This business area is mainly focused on maintaining, reconditioning, and modernizing aircraft, by using the most advanced inspection techniques, and repair and maintenance methods.

Its activities range from line services and maintenance inspections, to major, highly complex repairs.

It performs modernization and modification jobs, as well as major integrated services on aircraft basic structure and their navigation, communications, and electronic systems, as required.

This area performs preventive, corrective, and recuperative maintenance on military, commercial, and general-purpose aircraft. Enaer offers the following services, among others:
  • Mirage III
  • M-5, and 50, depot maintenance.
  • F-5, 1,200 and 2,400 hour inspections
  • A-37, 1,200 and 2,400 hour inspections
  • C-101
  • DHC-6, scheduled inspections.
  • C-212, structural inspections and repairs
  • LJ 25/35
  • 99-A
  • M-337B
  • T-35 Pillán, 1,400 hour inspection.

In this field, from the airframe provided by the customer, Enaer has the capability of integrating several mechanical and electronic systems to improve the aircraft capabilities, and widen its use at a cost significantly lower than that of replacing the aircraft.

Within this context, our company has worked on the following:

Mirage 50 Pantera

  • In-flight replenishing system
  • "Canard" fins
  • Entire avionics
  • Landing gear reinforcement

F-5 E Tigre III

  • In-flight replenishing system
  • State of the art Avionics
  • Structural reinforcements


  • Oxygen System
  • State of the art Avionics
  • Cabin and Fuselage Wiring Replacement
  • Major Structural Repairs
  • Avionics Modification and Cockpit Upgrade
  • Conversion to Tanker, and Fire-Fighting plane


  • Multifunction Displays

T-35 Pillan

  • Multifunction Displays


In this workshop, the following jobs are performed:

  • Radome repair
  • Manufacturing of fiberglass, carbon fiber, kevlar, honeycomb, pre-preg fabrics, and fast-die resin parts.
  • Manufacturing molds for stretch forming of aluminum parts, thermoforming panels, structural bonding with adhesive film to bond parts, plastic pre-molding, and repairing parts in general.


Here, the structural repair of various aircraft is performed:

  • Jobs are mainly focused on inspecting, repairing, and recovering aircraft structural components. Replacing skin, ribs and longerons, recovering damaged aircraft and helicopters.
  • Adapting and installing additional equipment, according to the aeronautical standards.

At this workshop, major jobs to comply with the military aircraft modernization and modification programs have been performed.
Among such jobs, the following are prominent:
  • Marking and cutting electrical cables
  • Building electrical bundles and control boxes to upgrade electrical, and avionics systems in general.
  • Replacing the electrical wiring in C130, F-5, and M-50 aircraft, among others.
  • Adapting and installing navigation equipment, electronic systems, and instrument in general.

Enaer counts on a Paint Area having, as main added value, a controlled-atmospheric condition area, allowing it to perform surface treatment and deliver a high quality product, where all the materials used comply with the Military Standards and Specifications.
This activity is carried out complying with the various stages involved:
  1. Surface Treatment (Masking, Stripping, Alkaline Washing, Phosphatizing, Alodine)
  2. Exterior Painting (Masking, Primer, Base Color,  Corporate/Institutional Colors, Logos, Registrations, Stenciles)
  3. Interior Painting (Cockpit Seats, Fuselage Frame, Pilot Cockpit)
Also, extensive capability and state of the art technology to apply "High Solid" paint, or others, thus allowing the painting of Radomes, Tanks, Landing Gears (or other minor components), Corporate logos on the fuselage and tail.

Empresa Nacional de Aeronáutica de Chile has extensive capabilities to provide repair, inspection, and overhaul services to conventional type, turboprop, and turbojet engines as used in the military aviation field and General Aviation.

It also counts on a modern, and sophisticated Test Bench, controlled by a computerized, digital system, certified by international companies such as Snecma, Pratt & Withney, General Electric, Honeywell and Lycoming, guaranteeing a precise control of all the test stages of an engine, from the initial diagnosis to the operational, post repair checks.
  • Overhaul.
  • Inspections
  • Technical appraisals
  • Accessory overhaul
  • Dynamic balancing
  • Measurements
Repair of components in general, by applying technologies such as:
  • Tig manual and automatic welding
  • Spot welding
  • Thermal spraying
  • Galvanic coating
  • Shot-peening.
  • Precision machining
  • Thermal treatments
  • Part Plasma recovery
In order to permanently comply with this purpose, Enaer makes significant investments to improve its capabilities, by purchasing test equipment, dynamic balancing machines, cleaning equipment, metrology and measurement equipment, thus ensuring an specialized, technified work.

Enaer carries out jobs on the following Engines:

Services offered:
Repair and Service Capabilities
ATAR Engines
  • Test bench correlated by Snecma
  • Technical and engineering support
  • Proved experience since 1982
  • Engines ATAR-09k50, and ATAR-09C:
    - Overall review (only ATAR-09K50)
    - Major repairs
    - Partial repairs
  • 300 hour, Scheduled inspection of Engine Atar 09K50
  • 200 hour, Scheduled inspection of Engine Atar 09C
  • Element repair and recovery:
    - Post-Burner elements
    - Central crankcase, and Combustion chamber elements
    - Turbine elements
    - Compressor rotor elements
Engine TFE-731
  • Technical, and Engineering field support
  • Test Bench certified by Honeywell
  • Warranty Coverage Program
  • Proved experience since 1982
  • Engines TFE731 / -2 / -3 / -5 core
  • Core Entry TFE731 / -2 / -3 / -5
  • Major Periodic Inspection
  • H.S.I. Hot zone inspection
  • State of the art vertical and horizontal balancing line
  • Inspection and Metrology advanced technology
  • Part repair and recovery
Engine J85
  • Technical and engineering support
  • Proved experience since 1980
  • Warranty Coverage Program
  • Training Program
  • 600 hour inspection of Engine J85-GE-21B
  • 1200 hour inspection of Engine J85-GE-17A
  • Module repair
    - Compressor J85-GE-21B
    - Turbine J85-GE-21B
    - Post-burner J85-GE-21B
    - Compressor J85-GE-17A
    - Turbine J85-GE-17A
  • Repair for F.O.D
    - Engines J85-GE-21B
    - Engines J85-GE-17A
  • Rotatable 21B and 17A repairs
    - Combustion Chambers
    - 1st and 2nd Stage Turbine Stator
    - Flame sustainers
  • Thermal post-burner sleeves
Engine PT6
  • 24 hour post-sales support
  • Technical and engineering support
  • Warranty Coverage Program
  • Training Program
  • Proved experience since 1984
  • Engines PT6A-20 / 25 / 25A / 25C / 27 / 28 / 34 / 41 / 42 Overhaul
  • Engines PT6T - 3/3B Overhaul
  • H.S.I. Hot zone inspection
  • Light Overhaul
  • Vertical and horizontal balancing line
  • Test bench correlated by Pratt & Whitney
  • Inspection and Metrology advanced technologies
Engine T53
  • Technical and engineering support
  • Warranty Coverage Program
  • Training Program
  • Engine T53-L13B Overhaul
  • Hot zone inspection
  • Accessory overhaul
  • Part repair and recovery
  • Test Bench certified by Honeywell
  • Inspection and Metrology advanced technology
  • State of the art vertical and horizontal balancing line
Engine T56
  • Technical and engineering support
  • 24 hour post-sales support
  • Training Program
  • Warranty Coverage Program
  • Proven experience since 1992
  • Engines T56-A15 and T56-A-7B
    - Turbine Module Overhaul
    - Reduction Module (Gear Box) Overhaul
    - Compressor Module Overhaul
    - Combustion Chamber Overhaul
    - Full intermediate maintenance
    - Part repair by Welding or Plasma Spray
  • LMG Module
    - Disassembly to leave the LMG module in a basic condition
    - Isocronal Inspections
  • State of the art vertical and horizontal balancing line
  • Test Bench
  • Inspection and Metrology advanced technologies
Conventional engine
  • 24 hour post-sales support
  • Technical and engineering support
  • Warranty Coverage Program
  • Training Program
  • Proven experience since 1984
  • Engines of Teledyne Continental Engines
  • Overhaul
  • Top Overhaul
    - TSIO-360
    - LTSIO-360
    - O-470
    - IO-520
    - IO-470
    - O-200
  • Textron Lycoming Engines
  • Overhaul
  • Top Overhaul
    - O-540-J3A5D
    - IO-540-K1K5
    - O-235-N2C
    - AEIO-540-L1B5
    - AEIO-540-L1B5D
  • Element repair and recovery


Its equipment includes test bench and tools complying with the specifications as required by the component manufacturers, to work on:
  • Fuel Systems
  • Hydraulic Systems
  • Mechanical and Helicopter Accessory Systems
  • Pneumatic and Oxygen Systems
  • Propellers and Governors
  • Avionics
Also, our facilities are fully equipped to serve electronic components and systems, as well as:
  • Communications Systems
  • Navigation Systems
  • Radars
It should be mentioned that Enaer counts on a service center authorized by Dassault Aviation to repair and overhaul the servocontrols (hydraulic and electronic) of the Mirage III, V, and 50.
Therefore, users and customers can trust Enaer, since it has the experience, technological development, and qualified personnel to offer the right solutions to meet the requirements.