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The foundations of the company were laid by the company Mátravidéki Fémmuvek that was established in 1952. The company based its production on the conventions of ammunition manufacturing in Hungary, exploiting the established technology and expertise. The product line and manufacturing technology of Mátravidéki Fémmuvek were determined by the Russian model and regulations. Along with the development of the factory they started to produce for the civil market in the late 1950's.

Within ammunition manufacturing, the proportion of production for only military orders began to decrease in the 1960's and continued to decline in the late 1970's. The present range of cartridges including the most favourite types found in pistol, hunting and blank cartridge market has evolved from 1990 to present time. Even though, the domestic market becomes more and more significant, the decisive majority of the products are sold on the European and American export market.

After several changes in the ownership, the ammunition manufacturing division of the former Mátravidéki Fémmuvek has changed its name to MFS 2000 Hungarian Ammunition Manufacturing Inc. and has become a completely as private company.

The company offers technical design and manufacturing expertise for ammunition manufacturing profile. Its profile also includes the manufacturing and distribution of tools used in cold metalwork.

The company has ISO 9001 and AQAP 110 quality assurance and the regulated processes help the company to manufacture the highest quality products possible. All products are made in accordance with C.I.P. requirements.
The policy of MFS 2000 Hungarian Ammunition Manufacturing Inc. is to ensure high quality. In this spirit, the company constantly update and develop manufacturing technology as well as to use basic material and broaden the product range. The ever-wider range of products, MFS 2000’s integrity and top quality are the keys to the company’s success, which is reflected in the increase of sales and clientele.

MFS 2000 Hungarian Ammunition Manufacturing Inc. is the only company in Hungary producing small calibre, centre-fire pistol and rifle cartridges.

The depot of MFS 2000 Inc. is located in Northern Hungary, 130 km from Budapest, 25 km from Eger, in a valley near Sirok. The nearest highway (M3) can be achieved in 20 minutes.

Short History

Within the ammunition manufacturing profile of Mátravidéki Fémmuvek the disengagement from producing for only military orders started in late 60’s and continued till the 80’s. Moreover, the 9x19 Luger Parabellum ammunition, and the 9x18 Makarov ammunition appeared in the product range.

At the early 90’s, simultaneous with the turn of regime, the company lost its military markets; the production reached its lowest ebb, accordingly the producing complement significantly decreased.

For the sake of survival the company started some developments: the alarm cartridges (9 mm P.A. Knall; 8 mm Knall; .315 Knall; .380/9 mm Knall), that are so popular on the civil market and they appeared in the product range at this time, but also the hunting cartridges (7,62x39; .30-06; 7x64; .308 WIN).

The first privatisation was in 1995 and the company became a Canadian - Hungarian joint venture under the name of MFS Ltd. The company was passed into the state’s ownership in 100% in 1998.

Following to a repeated privatisation the company was passed into Hungarian private ownership in 100% under the name of MFS 2000 Inc. Developments were going on even during the change of ownership: 9x21; .40 S&W; .45 ACP; .38 Special, .357 Magnum, .38 Super Auto cartridges and various, mainly FMJ type, bullets made the product range wider.

Besides the Hungarian market the company mainly exports its products, which are popular in almost every country of Europe, and on the American continent as well.

Current complement is about 210, the company sells yearly 40-50 million (mainly pistol) cartridges.