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INTRACOM DEFENSE ELECTRONICS develops indigenous military communication systems and advanced software applications. Moreover, the company participates in joint multinational productions and R&D programs, in cooperation with major international defense system manufacturers.

  On January 1st 2006, INTRACOM DEFENSE ELECTRONICS became an independent company that evolved from the defense sector of INTRACOM S.A. and carries on all the related activities.  
  Its product portfolio includes tactical communication systems, encryption devices, command & control systems (C3), missile electronic systems, radar, simulators and testing equipment.  
  The company enhances its international presence in defense, by successfully participating in multinational programs (development and production of the ESSM & IRIS-T missiles, Mid-Term modernization of the NATO AWACS aircraft, research programs) and through its participation in internationally lead programs (NATO, EDA, WEAG).  
  Moreover, INTRACOM DEFENSE ELECTRONICS expands its international partnerships through joint ventures and co-production programs with the leading manufacturers, resulting in the company's participation in the implementation of state of the art electronics for military systems such as aircraft Self-Protection Suites, weapon systems electronics, Radars and Electro optics.  
  INTRACOM DEFENSE ELECTRONICS employs 585 persons, 58% of which are university graduates and 15% hold post-graduate degrees. The company facilities currently cover an area of over 30,000 square meters, of which 7.500 and 8.000 square meters are dedicated to production and logistics respectively.  
  INTRACOM DEFENSE ELECTRONICS has been engaged in the development and production of defense-related communication equipment and systems for the Hellenic Armed Forces since 1992. Today the company participates in a number of Hellenic and international defense programs, achieving high levels of local added value and supporting the Hellenic industrial sector by allocating considerable supply contracts to local subcontractors.  
  Utilising its advanced production capabilities, large-scale project management know-how and cooperative initiatives with industry leaders, INTRACOM DEFENSE ELECTRONICS plays a key role in the Greek high-tech defense systems sector, promoting its independently designed products and participating in both multinational R&D programs and international joint-production projects.  
  The company is well positioned in Greece as a leader in defense electronics. There is great breadth and expertise in defense and government electronics.  
  INTRACOM DEFENSE ELECTRONICS infrastructure, broad base of electronics capabilities and competencies that match the direction of the Greek and NATO defense priorities have led to participation in numerous international defense programs.  
  Production Capabilities  
  INTRACOM DEFENSE ELECTRONICS is strategically positioned in the European market as a high performance, flexible volume and cost effective communications and electronics manufacturer.  
  INTRACOM DEFENSE ELECTRONICS’s manufacturing capabilities cover the entire spectrum of electronics production including PCB fabrication, in-process testing, assembly and integration, wiring and cabling and environmental screening.  
  INTRACOM DEFENSE ELECTRONICS has been certified under the ISO 9001:2000, the ISO 14001 (Environmental Management), OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health and Safety) and SA 8000 (Social Accountability) international standards.  

21 km Markopoulou Ave.
Koropi Athens, Greece, GR-19400
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e-mail: info@intracomdefense.com
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