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  Gali Stores – Value for Money  

The Gali network of 70 shoe stores is spread out along Israel, from Kiryat Shmona in the north to Eilat in the south.
These stores offer value-for-money shoes at wholesale prices in a retail environment. The stores emphasize customer service and range in size from 200 – 300 square meters in shopping malls to 450 – 1,200 square meters in power centers.

  Every Style of Shoe  

Gali stores offer every type of shoe imaginable, from classic and conservative styles through fashion, dress shoes, sports, hiking, working shoes, boots, sandals, casual wear and slippers.
The company holds shoes for all ages, from infants, children and teenagers through men and women of all ages.
In total, the Brill product range encompasses several thousand articles in every possible price range, especially suited to the local market.

  Representing Leading Brand Names  

In addition to Gali, Brill is the exclusive representative in Israel of some of the world’s leading shoe manufacturers and best-known brand names. These include: Caterpillar, Hush-Puppies, Coleman, Dockers, Filanto, Maui, Barbie, Winnie-The-Pooh and Lee Cooper. Brill is also the sole importer and distributor of Spalding shoes and sports clothing.

  Manufacturing Under License  

Brill manufactures a range of Gali shoes at its state-of-the-art plant in Rishon LeZion.
In addition, the company also produces under license the brand of Hush-Puppies.
This enables Brill to combine the advanced technologies and know-how of these companies with design and prices that are suitable for the Israeli market.

  Growing Market Share  

Brill is especially strong in the children’s shoe sector in Israel, where it has a market share of 35%.
In the men and women’s shoe sector, Brill has a market share of 10% in which Brill expects to see rapid growth in the coming years.

  Expanded Growth Activities (Acquisitions and Mergers)  

In early 2004, Brill began managing all the shop-in-shop shoe departments in the new "Hamashbir Lazarchan" department stores chain.
At the end of 2004, Brill acquired the "Solog" clothing franchise and entered the textile sector as of 2005.
These new activities will help contribute to Brill's on going growth as a leader in the Israeli footwear and clothing market.

In 2006, Brill entered an agreement partnership with "Sakal" to manage the "Sakal Sport" and "Nine West" stores, and to start marketing brand names such as "Reebok" "Keds" and "Easy Spirit" in Israel.

With the intention of:

Establishing a chain store for women's clothing and footwear under the "Keds" brand name towards the end of 2007.
Expanding the chain stores under the brand name of "Nine West" throughout the year.

Since 1.3.2007 Brill has began a new activity in which Brill holds 50% in marketing of the "Nautica" brand in Israel and plans to open a chain store under the "Nautica" brand as well.

Since 2001, Brill has been manufacturing a new military combat boot for the IDF.
The new combat boot is the most technologically advanced model in the world, combining two types of rubber with differing densities.
The process of creating the no.1 combat boot for one of the best and most experienced military forces in the world involved various elite combat troops, numerous lab tests and field experiments which tested human physiology and foot structure to insure a perfect fit and comfort.
The extent of Brill's sales to the army stood last year on about 30 million NIS.

Recently (May 2007) Brill signed a letter of intent with a Chinese company in a joint venture to establish a mutual plant in China with an investment of 10MIL Euro.
The Chinese plant will be manufacturing military combat boots.
The establishment of the new plant will be in addition to the lines of production which already exists in Brill and will not create cutbacks or dismissing Brills employees in Israel.
Brill plans to expand in this area and march armies into the future.