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Located at Kibbutz Sarid, CGW is an Israeli company developing, manufacturing and marketing state of the art high quality grinding, cutting and polishing products for global leading customers and for the trade.

CGW - Camel Grinding Wheels Ltd. - was established in 1956 and is 100% owned by Kibbutz Sarid.

CGW is the sole manufacturer of Grinding Wheels in Israel.

The company develops, produces and markets grinding, cutting and polishing products, based on abrasive materials.

  The main product lines are:  
   Vitrified grinding wheels.
   Cutting and grinding discs Flex.
   Coated abrasives.
   Super Abrasives.
The major raw materials utilized are:  
   Silicon carbide & aluminium oxide.

CGW has 13,200 square meters of working area in Israel and 5,500 in the U.S.A.

The number of employees is currently 200 in CGW Israel and 30 in U.S.A.

CGW will continuously improve its products quality, consistency and performance.
CGW will provide its customers application solutions and field service.
CGW will maintain double digit growth through 2009 by developing its customer base, development of new products as well as mergers and acquisitions.
  All products comply with the International standards:  
ISO 9001: 2000.
EN 12413 European Standard for Bonded Abrasives.
EN 13743 European Standard for Coated Abrasives.