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PCB Technologies Ltd. provides an array of contract electronic manufacturing (CEM) services aimed at high end OEMs.

Maintaining bare-board manufacturing and board assembly facilities, the company focuses on the production of rigid and rigid-flex Multi Layer boards, HDI boards, RF boards, and complete board assemblies.

The firm, a majority owned (63%) subsidiary of PriorTech, is a public company traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.

PCB Technologies Ltd. employs 470 workers and had revenues of $48 million in 2006.

PCB Technologies one-stop-shop for CEM services - from design to complete production, including full turnkey capabilities

In addition, the company offers a complete line of bare board and assembled-board testing facilities, including in-circuit test (ICT), J-Tag, functional test and customized testing.

PCB Technologies competitive advantages include:

  • PWB Manufacturing and Assembly under one roof.

  • Highly experienced and creative engineering team.

  • Superior technical customer support.

  • Reputation for providing high-quality products to military and commercial markets.

  • Flexible operation with quick response time.

  • Ability to handle low, mid, and high-volume runs.

  • Strong financial backing for future expansion.

  • Affiliated with the Prior-Tech Group, specializing in electronic packaging, development and production.

PCB Technologies specializes in providing the electronic manufacturing market with a full range of production services:

  • Manufacturing of prototypes with quick lead times, including assembly and testing.

  • Small to medium lots whith quick turnaround and standard lead times.

  • NPI (New Product Introduction) and new engineering designs.

  • DFM reports for NPI designs.

  • Pilot and first production runs.

  • Turnkey solutions including: sourcing and purchasing of material, inventory management, manufacturing, testing and integration.

  • Transfer from engineering to production.

  • Technical support assistance during engineering and production cycle.

  • Testing capabilities: bare-board electrical testing, ICT, J-Tag, Flying Probe, AOI and functional testing.

Quality Information

PCB Technologies is highly aware of the performance requirements of customers and therefore places great importance on product quality.

PCB Technologies has been certified with ISO-9002 qualification since 1993 The company complies with ISO-9001-2000 standards and regulations.

PCB Technologies has been certified with ISO-14001 "Environmental Management System" since 2005.

PCB Technologies Assembly Division has been certified with ISO 13485:2003 since 2006.

To comply with customer requirements, PCB Technologies is qualified for the following QPL (Qualified Product List) product assurance standards:

  • MIL-PRF-55110 Type 2 - for GY.

  • MIL-PRF-55110 Type-3 - for GF, GI, GM, BI, RO 4003.

  • MIL-P-50884 Type-4 - for rigid-flex (adhesive and non-adhesive).

  • UL approval 94-V-0 - for Double sided, Multi-layers and rigid-flex AP and non-adhesive based products.

  • IPC-A-610D -Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies.

  • J-STD-001C-Requirements for Soldered Electrical and Electronic Assemblies.

PCB Technologies FSCM number is S5725.

PCB Technologies has also been qualified by a number of major U.S. defense contractors. All commercial orders comply with IPC-600, IPC-6012, IPC-6013 and customer-specific requirements.

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