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RVTT Reshef Technology Ltd. was established in the year 2000 by David Reshef (LTC. Ret.). The technological applications were patent pending in Israel, Europe, South & North America & the Far East.

RVTT has an export license from the Israeli MOD to 30 different countries.

RVTT uniqueness is in the "Visual Reality" concept that backups the applications and is an asset of itself in education field.

RVTT deals with visual products used for day & night forces training and based on technologic platform which includes targets & identification & marking products for the fighting forces.

RVTT Targets: An advanced model of targets based on "Visual Reality" concept that takes care of realistic training field as close as possible to the modern battlefield which means:
  • Simulation products that seem realistic to the observer on day & night.

  • Constructing the simulated training field in the natural conditions of the real scenario (battlefield, friendly/foe identification, staging an enemy etc.).

  • The observer uses the real weapon sight equipment in combat as well as in training.

All above 3 issues are an integral part of the realistic spirit required in training forces to the modern battlefield.

RVTT products allow commanders a dynamic training of objects identification and location as well as of live fire training.

RVTT identification & marking equipments are from the highest level there is. Now it's known that the US Army implemented identification marks for MBT as well as for infantry during Iraq war. These products are very similar to RVTT's.

RVTT products are unique in its day & night thermal abilities without power source.

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