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UAB Elinta
Pramones pr. 16E, LT-51187 Kaunas, Lithuania

Phone.: (+370-37) 351987,
Fax.: (+370-37) 452780



UAB Elinta was established in Kaunas, Lithuania, 8 March in 1991. The company started working in the field of industry automation. Elinta was originally founded as a production and science firm, but after several years it embarked on commercial activities too.

For more than 11 years Elinta is working in the field of process and production automation. From the very beginning the main goals in developing the company were:

1. Use of the newest technologies.
2. High qualification of employees.
3. High quality of products and services.
4. High availability of the company.

The main field of activities is the creation and implementation of automation and control parts of different control systems or equipment. Due to this Elinta is not specialised in some narrow branch of industry. The company has customers in several different branches like the food industry, the chemical industry, the water supply, the light industry, the electronics industry, the power generation, the oil industry and to just mention some.

At the present, one of Elinta‘s most important tasks is to find opportunities to sell the intellectual services outside Lithuania. However, the first steps are made and some of the company’s foreign customers are Siemens, Festo and Kraft Foods. Among the Lithuanian customers one can find Kemira-Lifosa, RMT Industrie and Elektrotechnik GmbH.


Presently Elinta, together with its daughter companies, employs over 60 people; out of them 78 percent hold higher education degrees. It is a team of young, average age is 30 years old, energetic, and inquisitive people, desiring to regularly advance their professional skills and to create. Such staffs are one of the basic reasons for the company’s successful activities and the clients’ continue confidence in Elinta.