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Kuantan, Pahang Darul Makmur,

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History / Heritage
ATSC (Aerospace Technology Systems Corp Sdn. Bhd.)was initially registered as MRAS (Malaysian Russian Aviation Services Sdn. Bhd.) on 25th June 1994 as a result of a memorandum of understanding between the government of Malaysia, the Russian State Corporation "Rosvoorouzhenie", and Moscow Aircraft Production Organization (MAPO "MiG) which was signed on the 7th June 1994.

The joint venture company was formed for the purposes of providing a total support for the RMAF MiG 29 aircraft. It was also aimed at developing the country's technical capability by providing a base and coordination for the expansion of advanced technology in the aviation industry.

The MOU also envisaged the development of the company to become the center of logistics and technical support for the aircraft and other aviation products of Russian origin in the region of South East Asia and Australasia.

The company was activated on 3rd May 1995 and assumed the name of Aerospace Technology Systems Corp. Sdn. Bhd. (or ATSC) to reflect the wider roles consistent with its mission to develop aerospace technologies.

The joint venture agreement between the principal parties was signed on 30th September 1995 with the authorized capital of RM 50 million. The paid up capital of the Company was RM 40 million with the following equity holdings;

  • Malaysian Minister Finance Inc 70%
  • MAPO "MiG" 25%
  • SC "Rosvoorouzhenie" 5%

Statement Of Purpose
"ATSC mission is to develop aerospace technologies, and the vision is to be a preferred choice for technologically superior products and excellent quality services."

Company Objectives
The company is in the business of aerospace and the vision is to be a leading aerospace company with an international reputation for technologically superior products and excellent quality services.

Major objectives are:

  • To provide all the necessary support in the maintenance and sustainance of the RMAF's fleet of MiG 29 aircraft at a high state of readiness.
  • To enhance, modernize and market MiG 29 and other aircraft with the leading edge state of the art capabilities.
  • To develop technologies in the design and production, repair and maintenance of aircraft and associated systems, vehicles and equipment.
  • To promote the development of aerospace technologists, artisans and specialists.
  • To promote the development of product support infrastructures that contribute to national resilience and national growth in the aerospace industry.
  • To act as responsible corporate citizens and generate reasonable returns on the shareholder funds employed.

Company Business
Core business is support and enhancement of MiG 29 aircraft in its totality from maintenance, repair and overhaul, technical services, upgrading and modernization, to supply and distribution of spares and materials. Secondary lines cover similar activities related to fighter/strike aircraft technologies, aerospace ground support vehicles, equipment and systems