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  1. Printed Circuit Board
    a. Single Layer
    b. Multilayer
    c. Surface Mount
  2. Navigational Equipment
    a. Radar
    b. Radio ( Transmitter, Receiver, Transceiver
    i. UHF
    ii. VHF
    iii. HF
  3. Internal And External Communication Equipment
    a. Broadcast system
    i. 2 Ways Communication
    ii. 3 Ways Communication
    iii. Multiways Communication
  4. Marine Fire Alarm System


We always keep ourself updated with existing technologies. Our company have taken steps to upgrade our facilities "Service solution of the '90's" by the purchase of a computer AIDED Diagnostic equipment worth RM 500,000.00. DJ MARINE is looking forward to use the technology of the new millenium to be ahead of our business rivalry.

Now we are able to repair almost 95% of the electronics job tender out from the navy and to assist the navy in high tech repair. These are largely contributed through the high performance of the 'fault finder' from its various function available.

Briefly, the Diagnostic Test System is able to test;

  • Digital devices up to 128 pins
  • Analog and Hybrid devices
  • Surface mount devices
  • Standard and Custom devices
  • Loaded printed circuit boards of virtually any size and layer
  • With additional software package; HETS LEARN and SCHEMATIC GENERATION we are able to have an in-circuit programming and automatically produce a circuit diagram.

Below are some of our equipments available:

  1. Schlumberger SI635 Diagnostic Test System
  2. Proteq
  3. Boardwizard ATE BRADS 4040
  4. Polar Fault Locator (PFL) 780
  5. Motorola R-2600B Communications System Analyzer
  6. Huntron Tracker 2000
  7. Boardwizard COMBITEST
  8. Integrated CCT & Memory Tester
  9. Thruline Bird Watt meter
  10. Dummy Load 80W
  11. Dummy Load 100W
  12. Wavetek RF- Signal Generator
  13. PACE PRC 2000 Workbench
  14. PHILIPS PM 2517E Multimeter
  15. FLUKE 77 Multimeter
  16. Trio CS-110 100MHz Osciloscope
  17. HC Model HC - LF1000 multifunction Counter
  18. Avometer MK 8
  19. D.C. Power Supply
  20. Soldering/Desoldering Station PACE
  21. Ultrasonic Bath Branson 5200
  22. Capacitor Tester
  23. Insulation Tester - MEGGER
  24. Tools and etc.

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