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Products and Services


Small Arms Ammunition
Cartridge .38 Special
Cartridge 5.56mm Ball M193

Cal. 0.38 Special (Lead round Nose)
Cal. 9 x 19 mm Ball (Luger/Parabellum)
Cal. 5.56 x 45 mm Ball M193 (Loose/Link)
Cal. 5.56 x 45 mm Steel Core M855/SS109
Cal. 5.56 x 45 mm Tracer M196
Cal. 5.56 x 45 mm Blank M200
Cal. 5.56 x 46 mm Blank Long Nose
Cal. 7.62 x 51 mm Ball Nato
Cal. 7.62 x 51 mm 4B1T
Cal. 12.7 mm (All Natures)
Cal. 20 mm Oerlikon (All Natures)
Cal. 25 mm Bushmaster (All Natures)
Cal. 30 mm ADEN (All Natures)
Cal. 35 mm Oerlikon (All Natures)


Large Calibre Ammunition
Mortar Bomb 81mm
Rounds 105mm HE M1 PH

Cal. 0.38 Special (Lead round Nose)
Rounds 57 mm L70 AA Ammunition
60 mm and 81 mm Mortar Bombs
Rounds 90 mm HE-T/HESH-T
105 mm Artillery Ammunition
155 mm Artillery Ammunition
84 mm Carl-Gustav Ammunition
Rounds 105 mm HE
Aircraft Bombs
Aircraft Rockets
Sea and land Mines
Starburst Practice Missile Refurbishment
Cast Booster
Demolition Charge (1lb, 10lb and 25lb)


Pyrotechnics Products
Grenade Hand C S Anti-Riot MK IV
Hand Grenade HE HG85

Coloured Smoke Grenades
76mm Smoke Grenades IR
Mini Flares
Wire Tripflares
Hand Held Rockets
Day/Night Signal Distress
Ground Illuminating Flares
Aviation Smoke Generator
Signal Cartridge 26.5 & 38 mm
Cart.C.S Anti-Riot 38 mm
Hand Thrown C.S Anti-Riot
High Explosives Hand Grenade
Detonating Cord
Electric and Non Electric Detonator
Safety Fuzes


Engineering Plastics


Defence Products

SME – Steyr AUG A1 Rifle’s Plastics
Components / Parts manufactured under licence from Mannlicher AG of Austria.
Plastics components and casings for Military
Pyrotechnics Plastics Components / Parts and Casings.
Containers / Holders for Hand Grenades and Small
Arms Ammunition (e.g. Cal .38 Special rounds)
Plastics containers for Calibre 105 mm Artillery
rounds, Calibre 40 mm L70 rounds, 81mm and 60mm Mortar Bombs

Commercial Products

Plastics Components for Hand – Held (Price) Labelling equipments.
Plastics Toilets Seats and Covers.
Plastics Components and Casings for Commercial /
Quarry Explosives.
Plastics Components for Shotgun Cartridges.
Plastics Components for Commercial Pyrotechnics
Various Engineering Plastics Products / components.


Shotgun Catridges

12 Gauge Hunting and Sporting Cartridges


Lead Products

Lead Wire for the manufacture of small/medium
calibre ammunition


Wood Based Products

Case Wood Packing
Veneer Targets
Skid Boards
Wooden Crates
Wirebound Boxes
Wood Based Fabrication
Metal Fabrication
Metal Fabricated Products




X-ray (NDT Services)
Fire Protection Equipment (Specialise in



Metal Box
Metal Ammunition Box M548

Metal Ammunition Box M548
Metal Ammunition Box A480
Metal Ammunition Box M2A1
Metal Ammunition Box BG69/M61
Metal Ammunition Box H84
Metal Ammunition Box 9mm