Sigma is the appointed SAABTECH SYSTEMS AB of SWEDEN “ Service Centre in Malaysia for the RMN’s 9LV 212/230 Weapon Control System” and has been so for the past 6 years. We are recognized as the experts of 9LV in Malaysia by the original equipment manufacturer.

Sigma is currently representing CONDOR SYSTEM INC. of USA, a major supplier of Electronic Warfare equipment to the US Defence Forces. Condor System has delivered over 1500 EW systems to the US Forces including 26 countries worldwide. The EW systems supplied comprise of ESM, ELINT and ECM equipment.

Sigma is the Technical Representative for CALZONI SPA of ITALY, the OEM for the Electronic Auxiliary Propulsion Control System (EAPCS) fitted on-board the four (4) RMN minehunting vessels. Sigma successfully completed the Installation, Testing and Commissioning of the system and is now on charge of the warranty maintenance and repairs.

By virtue of it’s involvement in the upgrading work of the RMN IPN weapon control system, Sigma is indirectly linked to the OEM-Alenia Marconi System of Italy and their local / JV company, Comlenia Sdn. Bhd. Sigma will jointly undertake any maintenance, repair and upgrading work on the related system with the OEM and their local company.

The Company is also the Local Agent of L3 Communications of the USA.

Sigma is able to obtain Equipment and Spare Parts from Major International OEM through a mutual agreement with Euronet Private Limited of Singapore (see attachments).

Through our Smart Partnerships we are also able to supply World Class Diving Equipment namely Mared, Dacor, Cressi-Sub and Tusa.

Sigma is also representing MBDA ( Matra BAE Dynamics Alenia) for supply of spares and maintenance services (Vertical Launch Seawolf Missiles)


Past services undertaken by Sigma Xi Engineering include the following:

  1. Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Navigation Radar Onboard Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN) Ships
    RM 123,400.00 (Nov 1995 – Aug 1998)

    This work was carried out in 1995 as a sub-contractor to a UK-based main contractor Kelvin Hughes Ltd, Essex. It involved the removal of the old radar, installation, testing and commissioning of the new radar onboard four (4) RMN ships. It was conducted at the Lumut Naval Base over a period of three (3) months.

  2. Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Frequency Management System for RMN Lumut Communication System
    RM 68,000.00 (Nov 1995 – Jan 1996)

    International Aeradio (M) Sdn Bhd contracted for the services of Sigma Xi Engineering. The work was jointly carried out with the main contractor in 1995.

  3. Repair, Testing and Operationalising of Internal Communication and Broadcast System Onboard RMN Ship
    RM 11,650.00 (Sep 1997 – Jun 1999)

    This was repair work undertaken onboard a patrol ship. It included some modification work and limited upgrading of the system. It was carried out in 1996.

  4. Repair, Testing and Operationalising of Ground Electronic Equipment for the Royal Malaysian Airforce (RMAF) at Sungei Besi Airbase
    RM 55,300.00 (Nov 1996 – Aug 1997)

    There were repair works undertaken on a wide variety of ground electronics equipment used by RMAF

  5. Repair and Testing of Printed Circuit Boards (Weapon Control Systems)
    RM 886,846.00 (1997 – Current)

    Repair works done on many types of PCB’s – single layered to multi–layered throughout the period of 1997.

  6. Repair of Granger Microwave Link for RMN Communications Centre
    RM 27,546.75 (Jan 1997 – Feb 1997)

    Repair, testing, installation and communication work carried out for the RMN Communication Centre located at Lumut, Perak.

  7. Repair of Electrical and Electronic Equipment fitted onboard RMN Ship
    RM 37,861.90 (Jan 1997 – Aug 1997)

    This work was carried out in 1997 at Port Klang – Klang Port Management (KPM) Dockyard. It involved repair, testing, installation and commissioning of an assorted range of electrical and electronic equipment – generators, transformers, echo sounder, navigational radar, main switchboard, gyro compass, H F Communications sets, etc.

  8. Setting-To-Work, Harbour/Sea Acceptance Tests and Commissioning of the Internal and External Communications Systems onboard the RMN Hydrographic Vessel KD PERANTAU.
    RM 11,280.00 (Oct 1996 – Dec 1996)

    Together with the Principal OEM (Daimler Hagenuk Marinekommunikation GmbH Germany), a communication specialist of the Company was involved at the Hong Leong Lurssen Shipyard in Penang.

  9. Uninterruptible Power Supply
    RM 47,200.00 (Jul 1998 – Aug 1998)

    Repair and Operationalising the 10KW UPS System at the RMN Communication Centre, Sitiawan, Perak.

    RM 140,000.00 (Jan 1999 – Feb 1999)

    Overhaul and repair of the Automatic Message Switching System at the RMN Communication Centre at Lumut Naval Base.

    (Jun 1998 – Jul 1999)

    The programme related to the upgrade of the Alenia weapon command and control system IPN ‘10’ fitted onboard RMN Italian-built Corvettes. This included activities of installation, setting-to-work, integration, harbour and sea acceptance tests and commissioning work. Two (2) Systems Engineers of the Company were involved in this programme for a period of 10 months.

  12. Computer LAN Project
    RM 250,000.00 (Feb 2000 – May 2000)

    Development, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of networking system onboard two (2) Laksamana class Italian-built Corvettes of the RMN

  13. Installation, Testing and Commissioning Electronic Auxiliary Propulsion Control System (EAPCS)
    RM 163,465.00 (Oct 2001 – Feb 2002)

    Installation, Testing and Commissioning of two (2) EAPCS onboard RMN ships KD JERAI and KD MAHAMIRU

  14. Shipboard GYRO Repairs
    RM 150,055.00 (Apr 1996 – Jun 2001)

    Repair, Testing and operationalising of equipment

  15. Propel Johnson
    RM 22,980.00 (2000-2001)

    Repair, Testing and operationalising of equipment facilities, for example Ice- Maker Machine, HP Portable, Computer Equipment and etc.

  16. Wisma Samudera RMN
    RM 6,800.00 (Oct 2001 – Nov 2001)

    Supply, Installation and commissioning of the Home Theatre System for Wisma Samudera RMN.

  17. Faber Medi-Serve (FMS)
    RM 63,050.00 (2000-2001)

    Installation and commissioning of the Lighting Protection and Earthing System Project for Hospital Changkat Melintang.
    Supply and Installation of the Plug Point in Makmal Kesihatan Awam Ipoh.
    Supply and Installation of the “Kalimantang Lighting” in Hospital Changkat Melintang

  18. Jabatan Perikanan Malaysia
    -- Supply and delivery of full set of diving equipment to Jabatan Perikanan Malaysia cawangan Mersing.
    -- Supply and delivery of digital camera and its corresponding underwater housing to JABATAN PERIKANAN:
    --- Kuala Lumpur
    --- Marang, Terengganu
    --- Kuala Terengganu
    --- Labuan

    RM 113,900.00 (Oct 1999 – Apr 2004)

    Repair, testing and Commissioning of Radio Communication System on board RMN Ship.

    RM 35,430.00 (Apr 1998 – Feb 2001)

    Installation, testing & commissioning UHF Handheld system at PASKAL and SKTLDM. Repair others electronic equipment.

    RM 650,000.00 (Apr 2002 – Oct 2004)

    Installation and commissioning of cabling work for IPNS system on board two (2) Laksamana Class Italian Corvette at RMN.