Zetro Aerospace Corporation Sdn. Bhd. (323139-M)
Jalan KLIA 2A, 43900 KLIA, Selangor D. E., Malaysia

Tel: 603-8783 5016/7/8
Fax: 603-8783 5004/8

E-Mail: info@zetro.com.my



Zetro Aerospace Corporation is one of the major players in Malaysian Aerospace and is a leading technology provider in the fields of Ground Electronics and Avionics. As a government appointed Defence Electronic contractor, ZETRO serves its clients both Military and Civilian in the domains of air defence, air traffic control, maritime vessel traffic management, artillery and missile control systems and aircraft avionics. The repertoire of services provided include maintenance, overhaul, design and building of radar systems, upgrade of sensors, command and control and associated communication systems as well as servicing avionics systems.

Zetro Aerospace Corporation through its subsidiaries, provides the following services to various organizations:

  • Designs, fabrication, overhaul, repair, calibration and maintenance of Avionics systems for all aircraft in the RMAF.
  • Design, fabrication, overhaul, repair, calibration and maintenance of all ground electronic equipment / systems in the RMAF including total equipment of Air Traffic Control Equipment and systems.
  • Repair and overhaul of Army Artillery Electronics Equipment and Systems and Communication Equipment and system for the Royal Malaysian Police and the Oil and Gas industry.
  • Design installation, integrated and commissioning of radar systems for defence, air traffic control and maritime surveillance.

Research and Development

R & D and Technology Transfer should be an integral part of any company to ensure its future survival in the fast changing scenario of the technologically intensive field. Zetro’s Workshop and Laboratory facilities in its premises at KLIA is geared to spearhead Zetro’s effort to acquire and develop future technologies to ensure its survivability.

From a maintenance services intensive company, Zetro aspires to develop into an indigenous systems designer, developer and integrator through technology acquisition and human resource development and contribute towards the realization of its vision and thus contribute to the Country’s industrialization plan VISION 2020 in line with the nation’s interest.