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Zetro Services Sdn Bhd

Zetro Services Sdn Bhd is responsible for Contract Management and Customer Relations. Currently it manages three Government contracts, namely Avionics Contract, Ground Electronics Contract and Stockist Contracts. Zetro Services is also responsible for the maintenance and repair of Avionics (Aircraft radio. airborne radar, instrument and electrical) and ground electronics (Air Traffic Control and Air Defence Communications, radar and navigational aids).

Zetro Services is a Royal Malaysian Air Force approved Design Authorized Contractor (DAC), the Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) Malaysia Approved Service Centre and a member of the Malaysian Defence Industry Council

Zetro Technology Sdn Bhd

Propelling Zetro Into The Future World of State-Of-The Art Technology

Zetro Technology was set up with the aim of bringing the other Zetro Subsidiary companies to the forefront of the state-of-the-art technology by focusing its efforts in the acquisition of technology through being the recipient of transfer of technology and undertaking the implementation of new projects.

To date, Zetro technicians have been involved in the acquisition of technology through training in Italy when Malaysia purchased Italian warships for Royal Malaysian Navy. Zetro is also involved in the transfer of technology programme training to the acquisition of Lynx helicopters for the RMN.

Another milestone in Zetro Technology's achievement was the installation and commissioning of the ARPA Radar System for Kertih Port Sdn Bhd (a Petronas Company) located at Kertih, Terengganu.

Currently, Zetro Technology was involved in a proposal for the design, installation, integration and commissioning of a coastal radar surveillance, and command and communication system.

The path of Zetro Technology have been chartered to lead Zetro into areas of new technology. The systematic progress of its activity lends evidence to our effort to develop local aerospace activity.

Zetro Air Traffic Services Sdn Bhd


Zetro Air Traffic Services Sdn Bhd is responsible for the Organizational Level Maintenance (OLM - 1st Line) of Air Traffic Control assets in the RMAF as provided for in the first Supplementary Contract to Ground Electronics Contract between the Government and Zetro.

The services provided include daily, weekly, monthly, semi-annual and annual servicing for a variety of radar, communications and navigational aids in the RMAF inventory.

Currently this service is provided in eight units namely Kuantan, Butterworth, Labuan, Subang, Kuala Lumpur, Gong Kedak, Alor setar and Kuching. Of these, six are units with Air Traffic Control facilities where Zetro personnel work on a 3-shift system providing 24-hour service.

Zetro Integrated Services Sdn Bhd

Zetro Integrated Services Sdn Bhd was setup in 1999 to cater for expansion in scope of the current maintenance Contract under Contractorization to cover Malaysian Army and Royal Malaysian Navy Electronic Systems and Equipment. Zetro Integrated Services Sdn Bhd is responsible for the repair and maintenance all Army and Navy equipment.

Currently Zetro is actively involved in the maintenance or Royal Artillery Electronic System and Equipment. Thus far the following equipment system has been repaired and delivered:

  • Arty Quick Fire System
  • Eryx Missile Simulator System
  • Tellurometer MR AT
  • E.O.D Stethoscope

Zetro Integrated Services, with Zetro Technology, is involved in the Technology Transfer for the Royal Malaysian Navy Super Lynx Helicopter Avionics in the future. Zetro is also involved in the repair / maintenance for the Royal Malaysian Police VHF Communications.

Zetro Integrated Logistic Systems Sdn Bhd

Zetro Integrated Logistic Sdn Bhd was setup in 1997 to cater for procurement of parts and component to meet in-house requirement. It is also responsible for the servicing of the Stockist Contract with the Government for the supply of spare parts for RMAF aircrafts. This contract was signed in December 1999 and runs for period of 3 years with no ceiling.

Zetro has established links with international Original Equipment Manufactures (OEM) and Stockist for the procurement of parts and services so that contractual obligations to our customers are adequately met. To date, Zetro has signed formal Technical Support Agreements with 30 companies worldwide and this list is continuing to expand. Contracts have also been established with many international stockist and suppliers to meet our requirements.

Zetro intends to establish itself as an efficient and effective local stockist with worldwide support network to cater for both in-house requirements and to meet contractual obligations.

Pusat Pembaikan Dan Kalibrasi Zetro

The contractorisation of Avionics and Ground Electronics equipment and systems involved the take over of RMAF Test Equipment by Zetro as custodians of such equipment. The calibration of these test equipment then become ZETRO's responsibility.

To meet this added responsibility, Pusat Pembaikan dan Kalibrasi Zetro (Zetro Repair and Calibration Centre) was established in 1999. The main centre is in Butterworth with sub-centres in Subang and Kuantan. In addition to maintaining the serviceability and calibration status of the test equipment under Zetro, the centre also carries out repair and calibration of RMAF test equipment so as to make the centre financially viable.

Zetro intends to establish the Calibration Centre as the Centre of Excellence for the repair and calibration of all test equipment in the Malaysian Armed Forces.