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Complicated shapes together with high quality
Tuinte Machine Factory has more than 40 years experience as an industrial supplier. The company is specialised in manufacturing components, modules and complete systems. Tuinte’s area of expertise is complicated shapes in combination with narrow tolerances and based on customers’ specifications, standards and procedures. The company’s professional clients expect high performance as well as a flexible and efficient attitude. As a result of Tuinte’s broad spectrum of services and manufacturing capabilities, customers can take maximum advantage of one-stop-shopping.
Excel in versatility
Tuinte field of expertise consists of the metal cutting processes, CNC-milling and CNC-turning, and the manufacture of sheet and construction work. Beside various kinds of steel, rvs, invar and aluminium the company also uses high-quality alloys as Inconel and Hastelloy.
Assemblage of modules and systems
Tuinte employs highly qualified engineers for assembling modules and systems. The company also offers advice and support in the field of engineering. As a complete package Tuinte will improve the performance of customer’s products. Tuinte offers a broad range of options and a customer-focused approach, resulting in an excellent product with a good price/performance ratio.
  Tuinte supplies high-quality parts, modules and complete systems in the most efficient way for customers. Clients can rely on the company’s quality, reliability and flexibility.  
  ISO 9001/2000
EN 287 / 288 (Welding)