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    Company Overview  
  Founded in 1991 Moldit S.A., is a high precision toolmaker company with a high qualified team of engineers and production professionals, 110 in total, dedicated to achieve our clients requests and goals.  
  The company's main headquarters is located in Oliveira de Azemeis, Portugal; Moldit also has a subsidiary in Salvador da Bahia, Brazil.  
  Moldit aims to be a partner of all the clients, understanding their needs and better suit the company’s services in that direction.  
  Moldit achieved "ISO 9001:2000" quality certification in 2000.
Currently working to get "ISO 14000"
  Contact Details  
Company's Name: Moldit - Indústria de Moldes, SA
Postal Address: Zona Industrial Ul Loureiro - Apartado 28
  3720-903 OAZ
Tel +351 256690050
Fax +351 256690054
Web Site
Contact person: Ricardo Araújo (comercial dep.)
Mobil : +351 966931425