Optronics for observation, orientation and rangefinding


From the first prototype Rangefinder Binoculars presented in 1991 to today’s VECTOR product family, Vectronix has been a world leader in the development and production of ergonomic, eyesafe, multi-function laser range finders.
PLRF Pocket Laser Range Finder VECTOR features excellent binocular
PLRF measures distances from 5m
up to 2.5 km
VECTOR measures r.a.v.

  1) PLRF Pocket Laser Range Finder
The sturdy, easy-to-use basic rangefinder exists in two versions: PLRF10 and PLRF15. Both are waterproof and tested to MIL-STD 810F. A pair of 3V lithium batteries, type CR123A, lasts for more than 5000 measurements.

PLRF in urban terrain PLRF with distance and function keys

  2) VECTOR Rangefinder Binoculars
All models in the VECTOR family share the following features:

Binocular observation, 7x magnification, 120mils field of view (6.75°)
Eyesafe rangefinder: class 1 per IEC 60825-1
Digital Magnetic Compass (DMC): azimuth accuracy ± 10mils
Clinometer: elevation accuracy ± 3mils
Data output via RS232 interface
One 6V lithium battery, type 2CR5 for 3000+ measurements

VECTOR 1500 and Gap Measuring Device VECTOR 1500 GMD
These are the basic models, perfectly adequate for all kinds of rapid surveying and collection of field measurement data.

The VECTOR 1500 GMD is the engineers’ favourite as it offers 0.5m resolution in distance and 0.1m in height, rather than the VECTOR’s standard 1m. An important mission is the humanitarian effort of measuring mine fields for explosive ordnance disposal.

Measure the width of the river VECTOR displays distance and
height difference 2 remote objects
EOD Information System

VECTOR IV has established itself as the infantry’s all-purpose reconnaissance, observation and measuring device.

VECTOR AERO is a special version of the VECTOR IV. Instead of the standard vertical angle measuring range from –45° to +45°, it measures from -30° up to +90° (zenith). This feature allows you to measure steep sights. A practical application is the determination of the height above ground of airplanes by law enforcement officers.

Measure the width of the river VECTOR displays distance and
height difference 2 remote objects
EOD Information System

  VECTOR 21 and VECTOR 21 GL
This latest model ranges twice as far as VECTOR IV and is therefore ideal for the typical forward observer and forward air controller tasks.

2 high transmission optics A true binocular with 2 eyepieces

  Where maximum angle measurement accuracy and on-board data management capabilities are required, the VECTOR 21 GL offers perfect integration with GonioLight, thus expanding into a fully fledged Digital Observation Station.  

10 x magnification with Binocular Enhancer VECTOR 21 GL with interface to
digital goniometer


Image intensified night vision devices have been one of our regular product lines since the 1980s.

In service with the Swiss Army and
several export customers
BIM4, the Future Soldier NV Goggle

  1) Monoculars
Where minimum weight is essential, Vectronix proposes the proven BIM25 Night Pocketscopes or the new BIM4 Night Vision Goggle.

BIM25 Night Pocketscope BIM4 Night Vision Goggle

  The BIM25 is a small and rugged monocular night viewer. The optional SVO9 lens increases the magnification from 1x to 3x.

BIM4 Night Vision Goggle
A radically new design and the use of special material combinations ensure minimum weight without jeopardizing robustness. The BIM4’s helmet mount and short forward projection, counterbalanced by the battery module, confer a new level of user comfort. The optional data/image import/export module supports network-centric operations.

BIM4 enhances situational awareness BIM4 NVG in “stand-by position”

  2) Binoculars
For optimal extensive night viewing, Vectronix proposes the binocular image intensifier products: BIG25 Night Vision Goggles and BIG35 Night Binoculars. Both are waterproof to an immersion depth of 10m.

Border surveillance with BIG35 Night Binoculars On patrol with BIG25 Night Vision Goggles

  The BIG25 can be focused from 25cm to infinity. The built-in ancillary lighting is useful for maintenance tasks, map reading, etc. The optional SVO9 lens increases the magnification from 1x to 3x.

BIG35 Night Binoculars
The BIG35 is equally popular with border guards as with Special Forces. It provides good detection and identification capability at medium range – not least because of its exceptional optics which have benefited from continuous improvement over the years.



  3) Periscopes

Vehicle manufacturers, systems integrators and arsenals have fitted NAP5 to a variety of armoured vehicles.


Military Survey products offer greater accuracy and flexibility than handheld observation devices. Typically, they include a tripod, a goniometer or theodolite for angle measurement, and an eyesafe laser rangefinder with viewing optics.

Tailored to the mission requirements,
there are almost as many variants
as there are customers
Essential feature: autonomous orientation Extending survey control to remote

  1) Digital Observation Stations

GonioLight with VECTOR
The Digital Observation Station is a rapidly deployable, modular system for forward observers and forward air controllers. The basic configuration comprises the new GonioLight digital goniometer and the perfectly matched Rangefinder Binoculars VECTOR 21 GL with cableless electronic interface.

Reflectorless distance measurement up to 10.000 meters
Embedded DMC Digital Magnetic Compass, orientation accuracy better than 5mils
Automatic levelling by tilt sensors
Measures horizontal directions and vertical angles to better than 1mil
Orientation by survey routines better than 1mil
Embedded GPS

- MK11-7 Northfinding Gyroscope
- Astro menu for orientation by stars or sun
- Connection to external GPS


Digital Observation Station: GonioLight
with VECTOR binocular LRF
Steep sights for orientation
by celestial bodies

ZVBA, the Swiss Army's FO system FO system with GonioLight, VECTOR
and Sagem MATIS thermal imager

  SG12 Digital Goniometer
The SG12 is an angle measuring unit which can be fitted with payloads such as Laser Range Finders and Thermal Imagers. More than a dozen different configurations have been tailored to the specific requirements of the armed forces.

Digital Magnetic Compass: orientation accuracy better than 5mils
Automatic levelling by tilt sensors
Measures horizontal directions to 1mil and vertical angles to 2 mil PE
Orientation by survey routines 1mil PE

2) Orientation and Positioning Systems

Digital Survey Station
GonioLight is a compact, portable, tripod-mounted electronic instrument for military survey and alignment tasks. Equipped with a Monocular Rangefinder, it becomes a Digital Orientation and Positioning System.

Reflectorless distance measurement up to 2km with 2m accuracy
Automatic levelling by tilt sensors
Measures horizontal directions and vertical angles to 1mil accuracy
Digital Magnetic Compass: orientation accuracy better than 5mils
Orientation by survey routines 1mil accuracy
Option: orientation by northfinding gyroscope

Digital Survey Station: GonioLight
with monocular laser rangefinder
PLRF10 Pocket Laser Range Finder with
electromechanical interface to GonioLight

  Gun Laying & Positioning System (GLPS)
GLPS is a tripod-mounted system composed of three fully integrated components: a north-finding gyroscope, an eyesafe laser rangefinder (LRF) and a digital electronic theodolite. It provides conventional field artillery units with highly accurate orientation.

Reflectorless distance measurement up to 2500m with 2m PE
Horizontal and vertical angle measurement to 0.1mil resolution
Azimuth accuracy between 0.2 and 0.3mil
Survey routines with automated computations

Laying howitzers GLPS, the platform-independent
orientation and positioning system

  3) Survey Systems

Military Autonomous Survey System (MASS)
MASS is the military equivalent to the “total stations” used by civil engineers and surveyors. Without depending on GPS, MASS can provide survey control (common grid) to all battlefield assets. It is composed of a tripod, an electronic theodolite, an eyeafe laser rangefinder (LRF) and an optional northfinding gyroscope.

Reflectorless distance measurement up to 2.500 meters with 2m PE
Horizontal and vertical angle measurement to 0.1 mil resolution
Cableless data and power interface between gyro and theodolite
Azimuth accuracy 0.2 to 0.3mil
Survey routines with automated computations

  Precise directional control  


Vectronix is a world leader in eyesafe laser rangefinders and attitude sensors for security and military users. These technologies are utilized in products such as the famous VECTOR Rangefinder Binoculars, and are also available as modules for system integrators.

Vectronix aims to ensure successful integration of its modules into the customer’s host system. This policy implies that system integrators be prepared to describe the scope of their project/system to enable Vectronix to assess its feasibility.

Provides azimuth, elevation and
bank (heading, pitch and roll) output
via output via RS232 serial interface.
Provides distance measurement
output via RS232 or RS422 serial

  1) Digital Magnetic Compass DMC-SX
Weighing less than 28 grams (<1 ounce), the module contains solid state magnetic field sensors and accelerometers. Typical 2 sigma accuracies with respect to its precision machined mounting pads are:

Azimuth 0.5°

Elevation 0.2°

Bank 0.2°

DMC-SX: 33 x 31 x 13.5mm

  2) Laser Range Finder Modules LRF
Assemblies derived from series production VECTOR or PLRF can be sold as modules to system integrators wishing to add distance measurement capability to their systems.

The performance characteristics of Vectronix’ standard rangefinders are embodied in the modules, but special care is required to achieve similar performance within a different environment.

Module combining Laser Range Finder
and DMC-SX Digital Magnetic Compass

  3) Personal Navigation
On several occasions Vectronix has demonstrated that a “wearable personal navigation system” is feasible and able to deliver reliable results. Together with system integrators and/or end-users, Vectronix forsees that customized solutions will be developed.

The Vectronix DRC Dead Reckoning
Compass weighs less than 35 grams
and can complement in principle
any GPS receiver