Supply of Balance Open Pan, Balance Semi Micro, Balance Micro, Vortex Mixers, Constant Temperature Water Bath, Incubator Electric With Thermostat, Hot Air Oven, Magnetic Stirrer, Pump Vacuum, Calorimeters, Flame Photometer, Cork Borer Set, Spirit Lamp, Chromatographic Chamber, Water Distillation Plant (Metallic), All Glass Distillation Apparatus, Desicators Large Size, Desicators Small Size, Centrifuge Clinical For 12 Tubes, Ph Meters, Homogenizer, Microscopes, Ultra Violet (U.V.) Lamp, Tools For Small Workshop For Glass Blowing And Mending, Bottle Dispensers, Electrophoresis Apparatus With Power Supply For Paper Page Agarose, Spectrophotometer, Binocular Research Microscopes, Glass Ware As Required By Standard Lab. Like Pipettes, Beakers And Conical Flasks, Etc..
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