Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Grabs Global Leadership in Heavy Duty Gas Turbine Orders in 2017

Thanks to power generator enthusiasm for Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems (MHPS) J-Series Advanced Class Gas Turbine and strong performance in the Americas, MHPS has achieved the number one market share globally among heavy duty (i.e. F-Class and advanced class) gas turbine OEMs in 2017.

According to data obtained from McCoy Power Reports, MHPS had first quarter 2017 global orders of 1,544 MW, giving the company a 31.9 percent market share finishing ahead of its three main competitors. MHPS also was strongest in the Americas, with 1,220 MW in orders and a commanding 63 percent market share.

“The global gas turbine market is extremely competitive, so we are thrilled by the way the market has moved in our direction with a clear preference for advanced-class gas turbines rather than less efficient F-Class turbines,” said Paul Browning, MHPS Americas President and CEO. “MHPS G- and J-Series turbines have real momentum as utilities, independent power producers and municipal systems look to lower the cost of electricity through our unique combination of world class efficiency and proven reliability.”

Earlier this year, MHPS achieved a major milestone by registering 4 million Actual Operating Hours (AOH) of service for its G- and J-Series gas turbines in power plants worldwide. The MHPS G-Series was first introduced in 1997 and the J-Series was commercialized in 2013.

The MHPS installed base of 146 advanced class gas turbines is larger than the next two competitors combined. The new JAC turbine is redefining plant operator expectations, achieving 99.5 percent reliability and greater than 63 percent combined cycle efficiency. All JAC turbines are equipped with MHPS-TOMONI, a digital solutions platform that helps plant operators maximize power production, reduce maintenance costs and boost fleet reliability.

“This past fiscal year was our best orders year ever in the Americas, and signals a change in power. We reached commercial operation for our first J-Series in the Americas, booked record new orders for the J-Series, and were technically selected for eight air-cooled J-Series. The market place is speaking through a wave of technical selections and orders placed for MHPS turbines,” Browning said. “MHPS is partnering with energy producers to meet the need for clean and efficient electricity that helps build the economy and reduce emissions with record reliability.”

In total, 23 J-Series are in commercial operation, 47 have been ordered, and 95 J-Series have been technically selected by utilities, municipal systems and independent power producers. Before either the G- or J-Series turbines were released to customers they underwent 8,000+ hour verification testing at T-Point, a heavily instrumented commercially dispatched power plant at the MHPS Takasago Works in Japan.

About Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Americas Inc.

Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Americas Inc. is enabling the power plant of the future. Headquartered in Lake Mary, FL, MHPS employment in the Americas has grown from five in 1999 to more than 2,000 today. The company has large manufacturing and repair facilities in Florida, Georgia and Texas, including the world’s most modern heavy duty gas turbine and steam turbine factory in Savannah. MHPS Americas Latin American operations are headquartered in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The company utilizes repair centers to provide service parts and repairs to a rapidly expanding installed base throughout the Americas and to service the fleets of other OEMs around the world. Products and services for the electric power generation industry include the world’s largest and most efficient gas turbines, steam turbines, geothermal turbines, boiler and environmental control systems. MHPS is a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. (MHVYF:US)

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