ERM Advanced Telematics Wins Gold Medal at IT World Awards for Best IT Solution for Transportation

RISHON LETZION, Israel, June 15, 2017 /PRNewswire/ --

ERM Advanced Telematics [ ], a leading designer, developer and manufacturer of vehicle tracking and security devices, today announced that the company has won the gold medal award for the Best IT Solution for Transportation at the 12th Annual IT World Awards.

The IT World Awards is annual achievements and recognition program highlighting the year's best products, services and technologies in all sectors of information technology.

ERM won this award recognition for its eSafe [ ] accessory used by fleet management and telematics service providers to provide driver behavior monitoring services as part of an overall fleet management service.

Utilizing an Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) technology, eSafe delivers a comprehensive and straightforward approach to driver behavior monitoring that is easy to implement, install and manage. eSafe is designed to recognize and distinguish the behaviors and characteristics of more than 35 different vehicle types, such as heavy duty and commercial trucks, special armed forces vehicles, public transportation vehicles, SUVs, personal cars and more, and 22 maneuver types fine-tuned to each vehicle type.

This high level of differentiation among vehicle profiles and maneuver types enables eSafe to deliver highly accurate results for each vehicle type monitored by eSafe. This means that eSafe can uniquely differentiate, for instance, between instances of harsh braking or inefficient acceleration for different vehicle types and in different driving situations, whether on a paved road, over speed bumps, on a traffic circle, on off-road conditions and much more.

eSafe is configured to monitoring for three severity levels - regular, aggressive, dangerous - and sends audio and visual alerts of all threshold violations to a driver in real-time. In parallel, eSafe sends these alerts through ERM's StarLink tracking device [ ], which is also installed on the monitored vehicle, to the customer's fleet management system to be logged for analysis and reporting as well as to the customer's fleet manager for possible follow up action.

eSafe also includes a black box for recreating the driving scenario that led to an accident. eSafe constantly monitors the physical forces of a vehicles' axes. When eSafe identifies that a vehicle has been involved in an accident, eSafe activates its black box mode and creates a log file that is available for further analysis consisting of the 50 seconds of driving before the accident and the 25 seconds after the accident. This black box data enables the maneuvers that led to the accident to be recreated in order to understand what happened to the vehicle just before the accident and determine who was responsible for the accident.

"We are proud to receive this award recognition for the innovation of our eSafe solution, which is delivering clear value to our fleet management service provider partners as well as their customers and drivers," explained Eitan Kirshenboim, CMO at ERM. "On a business level, eSafe is helping our fleet management service provider partners better service their customers and offer new value added services. On an operational level, eSafe helps keep drivers and vehicles safe, while allowing fleet managers to identify problematics drivers in real-time and significantly reduce costs by avoiding potential accidents and unnecessary wear-and-tear on their vehicle fleets."

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ERM Advanced Telematics designs, develops and manufactures innovative vehicle security and GPS/GSM tracking and telematics solutions. ERM's product portfolio includes a comprehensive range of modular and state-of-the-art location tracking devices covering vehicle tracking and security, vehicle diagnostics and driver behavior. The company was established in 1985, is based in Israel and is a subsidiary of Ituran Group (NASDAQ:ITRN), a leading provider of advanced tracking and protection services for vehicles and drivers. For more information, please visit [ ].

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