LifeNome Launches Six New DNA-based Personalized Wellness Apps in's App Store

NEW YORK, June 27, 2017 /PRNewswire/ --, the world's largest marketplace for DNA-powered apps, and LifeNome Inc., a DNA-based wellness AI company, have announced that LifeNome's innovative apps are now available in's App Store for DNA.

The apps include LifeNome's flagship app 'LifeNome Total Wellness,' which was recently ranked the #1 Top Health App by DNA Testing Choice. The Total Wellness app is powered by LifeNome's proprietary artificial intelligence engine that analyzes more than 8,000 genetic variants. The app generates a comprehensive, actionable report that includes clear, personalized solutions for nutrition, dieting, skin care, allergies, personality and fitness.

In addition to the Total Wellness app,'s App Store also offers five additional LifeNome apps. Included are AllergeNome, which allows a person to learn useful information about their predisposition to food and environmental allergies and SkinNome, which provides actionable insights for maximizing skin's youthfulness such as sun sensitivity, antioxidant effectiveness, detoxification and pollution defense.'s universal genetic data compatibility enables apps that analyze genetic data, including LifeNome's apps, to be become instantly compatible with data from all genetic testing service. With this unique capability, apps can analyze data generated from Whole Genome Sequencing, exome sequencing, microarrays and genealogy-focused DNA tests as well as from genetic testing offered by any laboratory or company including Illumina, Thermo Fisher,, 23andMe, National Geographic, MyHeritage, Human Longevity Inc., Invitae and Veritas.

LifeNome's CEO Dr. Ali Mostashari stated, "It's exciting to offer our apps in's App Market and provide scientifically rigorous wellness assessment reports to its fast growing user base." He continued: "We look forward to continuing to work with on groundbreaking software technology that makes genetic data truly actionable and valuable."

Dr. Brandon Colby, CEO of, stated that "LifeNome apps are an evolutional leap forward for apps that analyze genetic data and enable personalized wellness." Dr. Colby added that "LifeNome's apps are so impressive, they have quickly become some of the most popular apps in our App Market."

Apps in's App Market help people unlock genetic data's tremendous value. By providing first-of-its-kind solutions for transforming genetic data into valuable information, and LifeNome are at the forefront of the personal genomics revolution.

About's first-of-its-kind HIPAA and Privacy Shield compliant online platform transforms genetic data into valuable, meaningful information. The platform includes an App Store with dozens of apps that empower individuals, healthcare professionals, researchers and app developers to be able to easily tap into genetic data for deep and rich insights. It is a one-stop-shop that collates and organizes available genetic-based apps into the world's first App Store for DNA.

About LifeNome Inc:
LifeNome is a revolutionary DNA-based wellness AI company with the aim of revolutionizing how individuals make personalized wellness decision. LifeNome offers precision wellness reports to individuals and API services for wellness or genetic testing companies.

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