Social Bluebook Launches Influencer Campaign Tools For Advertisers Initial Tools For Creators Have Attracted Over 100,000 Registered Creators

LOS ANGELES, July 25, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Social Bluebook's proprietary influencer campaign tools for brands and advertisers went live today.

Advertisers will be able to request a proposal as well as to create one campaign and make an offer to thousands of micro-creators at the same time, thereby saving both time and money, and easily managing it.

"We love Social Bluebook and use them regularly because they have the widest range of talent, and the best tools out there to efficiently search for the perfect match for influencer partnerships, thereby saving both time and money, and easily managing the process," said Francis Solomita, Creative Director at NBC Sports Group - The Golf Channel. "User-friendly, invaluable, convenient and real-time accurate. A tremendous asset for any brand."

"This is the most significant step forward for the company since Social Bluebook launched in 2015," noted Sam Michie, President, COO and Co-Founder.

"I feel like we've cracked the code, we're growing multiples faster than any Multi Channel Network ever did with the fraction of the resources," added Chad Sahley, the CEO of Social Bluebook and the former VP of Maker Studios. "Can't wait to show our users what's next."

Social Bluebook also is the first platform to launch a Reg A+ "mini IPO" equity offering, thereby allowing its users to participate in the future of the company. To date, a number of noted creators have invested in Social Bluebook including Shay Carl (3 billion views), Ehbee Family (11 million Facebook likes), Furious Pete (4 million YouTube followers), Danny Zappin (former CEO/founder of Maker Studios).

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Social Bluebook recently retained Mentor Securities as its investment banker to conduct its $12 million Regulation A+ "mini IPO" equity offering.

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