CIS Secure Computing Receives Industry-first Approval for Secure Soft Phone Applications

DULLES, Va., Aug. 8, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- CIS Secure Computing, Inc. is pleased to announce an industry-first approval for a USB-disconnect device to support secure soft phone requirements. The innovative product addresses the increased use of soft phones as an alternative to traditional desktop telephones. The CIS USB Positive Disconnect, model DTD-TSGPD-01, supports USB headsets and webcams as well as analog headsets and handsets for maximum user flexibility. Tested for compliance and approved by the National Telecommunications Security Working Group (NTSWG), the CIS USB Positive Disconnect is the first device of its kind to address telephonic security for soft phones.

Defined by the Committee on National Security Systems (CNSS), the intent of the NTSWG type-acceptance program is for all telephonic devices used in sensitive discussion areas to be physically incapable of producing any microphonic audio on any wires leaving the instrument while it is in the idle state. Any unprotected USB headset, handset, or webcam can present eavesdropping vulnerabilities inherent in their network capabilities. "This product prevents the microphonic and video vulnerabilities of networked audio and video devices that have been well documented by the media," said John Turner, Chief Technology Officer for CIS. "Our growing suite of NTSWG-approved solutions provide the tools for an enhanced and improved cybersecurity posture for the Government and private sector."

CIS is the world leader in modified VoIP telephones - instruments that have been modified to meet security requirements increasingly mandated throughout Government and supporting contractors. Interest is rapidly growing outside of the public sector. Turner added, "we have seen a marked increase in activity outside of the traditional market for the products. It's apparent that there's a greater awareness of the threat networked-based exploits can mean to any organization's sensitive information. Proprietary designs, personal and legal information, trade secrets, financial data and the like can all be at risk without a comprehensive security plan. CIS' products are one part of that plan."

Located in Dulles, Virginia, CIS Secure Computing/CIS Labs, Inc. is a leading provide of TEMPEST, TSG and modified COTS solutions for the US Government and other entities. CIS Secure Computing is an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer and CIS Labs is an NSA-certified TEMPEST Manufacturer and Test facility.

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