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The "Advanced Composites Bulletin Subscription" newsletter has been added to Research and Markets' offering.

A monthly digest of international developments in research, design, manufacturing, testing and recycling of all advanced composites - organic and inorganic fibres and fillers, polymers, metal and ceramic matrices, hybrid and macrocomposite systems.

Every month, Advanced Composites Bulletin keeps its readers informed about new materials, new technologies, the latest research, product launches, business and industry news, environmental issues and concerns, shows and conferences, and more. It covers all application areas, including aerospace, automotive, marine, civil engineering, computer technology, energy generation, electrical engineering, sports and leisure, and recycling.

All items have full contact details, so that you can establish direct contact with the researchers, manufacturers, users, suppliers, event organisers and governmental organisations, via email as well as by fax or phone.

Subscriptions are on a calendar year basis and also include online access

A subscription to Advanced Composites Bulletin includes:

- 12 issues of the newsletter mailed to you each month by first class/airmail delivery

- online access to the current issue for up to FIVE users (based at the delivery address of the newsletter)

- unlimited full-text access to the Advanced Composites Bulletin archive on for up to FIVE users (based at the delivery address of the newsletter)

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