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Carbon black is industrially manufactured in the form of hundreds of defined commercial grades that vary in their primary particle size, aggregate size and shape, porosity, surface area, and chemistry. The global demand for carbon black is over 13 million tons per annum, mainly for application as reinforcing fillers in tires, automotive non-tire and general rubber products. Other smaller markets include paints and coatings, printing inks and toners and plastics. High value opportunity markets have been identified in conductive materials, ESD shielding, batteries and advanced insulation.

The industry will face significant challenges in the coming years from environmentally friendly and advanced materials that are currently prohibitively expensive for large scale usage, but represent a significant future market threat as the trend towards other materials is expected to grow. Carbon blacks will continue to dominate the rubber market over the next few years but face competition from precipitated silica and other materials in tire applications.

This trend may be partially offset by growth in the market for specialty carbon black grades in markets such as:

  • Colour pigments in plastic, paints and inks.
  • Ultraviolet (UV) stabilizers.
  • Conductive battery additives.
  • Wire and cable insulation.
  • Fillers to impart electrical conductivity to polymers for electrostatic dissipative and conductive applications.

Report Contents Include:

  • In-depth analysis of the global carbon black market broken down by applications, tonnage and region.
  • Assessment of current and future markets for applications of carbon black including new and high value applications.
  • Pricing.
  • Historical data for the global carbon black market.
  • Market growth forecasts to 2025.
  • Key challenges for the carbon black market.
  • Assessment of competitive threats to the carbon black market.
  • Profiles of 27 carbon black producers including products and revenues.

Key Topics Covered:

1 Executive Summary

1.1 The current market

1.2 Innovation in the carbon black market

1.3 Market growth to 2025

1.4 Market threat from other materials

1.5 Automotive tires the dominant end user market

1.6 Key market trends 2016 to 2017

1.7 Global market size and revenues 2014 to 2025

2 Research Methodology

2.1 Scope of the report

2.1.1 Objective of the report

2.1.2 Methodology

3 Introduction

3.1 Carbon black

3.1.1 Properties Particle size distribution Structure-Aggregate size Surface chemistry Agglomerates Colour properties Porosity

3.2 Manufacturing processes

3.2.1 Furnace Black Process

3.2.2 Channel Process

3.2.3 Acetylene Black Process

3.2.4 Lampblack Process

3.2.5 Thermal black process

3.2.6 Recycling of scrapped tires through pyrolysis

3.2.7 Other processes

4 The Carbon Black Industry

4.1 The market in 2017

4.2 The market in 2025

4.3 Environmental issues

4.4 Specialty carbon black

4.5 Markets for carbon black

4.6 Market supply chain

5 Global Market Trends, Revenues And Forecast

5.1 Current Market Analysis 2016 To 2017

5.2 Market Growth Prospects To 2025

5.3 Market Drivers

5.4 Market Challenges

5.5 Carbon Black Market, By Applications

5.5.1 Tires Greening of tires Competition from precipitated silica Graphene as a potential replacement

5.5.2 Non-Tire Rubber (Industrial rubber)

5.5.3 Plastics

5.5.4 Paints and coatings

5.5.5 Printing inks and toners

5.5.6 Other

5.5.7 High value applications Conductive materials Batteries Insulation

5.6 Regional Markets

6 Carbon Black Market Business Trends 2016 To 2017

7 Competitive Analysis

7.1 Key players

7.2 Market share analysis

8 Carbon Black Producer Profiles (27 company profiles including products, markets and revenues)

9 Other Producers

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