KLM chooses EDM to manufacture two Cabin Emergency Evacuation Trainers

MANCHESTER, England, August 25, 2017 /PRNewswire/ --

EDM [http://www.edm.ltd.uk/overview ], a leading global provider of training simulators to the civil aviation and defence sectors, announced today that they have been selected by KLM Royal Dutch Airlines to manufacture B777 and B737 Cabin Emergency Evacuation Trainers (CEETs).

Designed and built to meet KLM's exact training requirements and international regulatory standards, the CEETs [http://www.edm.ltd.uk/civil-aviation/cabin-emergency-evacuation-trainers ] will enable the airline's cabin crew to be comprehensively trained in all safety and emergency procedures (SEPs) for both aircraft types including fire and smoke training, door and exit operation, secure cockpit procedures and emergency equipment usage.

The B737 CEET will be static whilst the B777 CEET is the world's first wide-body training simulator to be operated on a 3 axis electric motion system which will add even further realism to the training experience. Both CEETs will be fitted with SEPTRE [http://www.edm.ltd.uk/civil-aviation/septre ], EDM's industry-leading audio-visual system that delivers even higher levels of cabin crew training through the provision of pre-programmed emergency scenarios such as aborted take-off, engine fire, gear collapse, ditching and decompression. Forward facing visuals in the cockpit windows synched to SEPTRE add even more training realism.

Each CEET will be fitted with a galley, passenger seats, cabin lighting, overhead storage compartments and cabin communications system to enable them to also be used for passenger service and management training. Once completed, the two CEETs will be shipped and installed at KLM's new training facility due to be opened at Schiphol Airport in 2018.

"KLM is building one of the airline industry's finest training facilities at Schiphol, " said Tony Bermingham [http://www.edm.ltd.uk/leadership-team ], Managing Director of EDM. "We're very proud to be manufacturing KLM's state-of-the-art cabin crew training simulators which will help to maintain their position as one of the safest airlines in the world to fly with."

Project Manager Flight Operations at KLM, Richard van den Nouweland said: "We are very pleased with the efficient and professional co-operation between EDM and KLM. We're confident that the B777 and B737 CEETs will meet our high demands and expectations."

For more information about KLM visit: http://www.klm.com

For more information about EDM visit: http://www.edm.ltd.uk

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