Wagz Unveils Wagz Warrior; the First Smart Collar for Military and Search & Rescue K9s

SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 27, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Wagz, Inc. today announced the launch of Wagz Warrior; the first smart collar for K9s, at the Handler Instruction and Training Seminar (HITS) in San Francisco, CA. HITS is taking place August 27(th)-August 30(th), and is the largest and most diverse K9 training event in the United States with the goal of bringing together hundreds of K9 handlers, supervisors and administrators from around the world to train for safer K9 deployment.

Wagz, Inc. has built a team of leading veterinary and military experts, technologists, and pet enthusiasts to build a K9 collar and app to connect police and military personnel to their K9 units for smarter search and rescue and safer missions. Wagz has integrated powerful features into one simple package for K9s and their handlers, including:

    --  Precise GPS tracking* to see real-time location of your K9
    --  Two-way audio to issue low level commands and speak to bystanders,
        victims, or assailants the K9 encounters
    --  Live HD video streaming and real-time footage from your K9's perspective
        so you can assess and react quickly
    --  Safety lights to help alert others and guide your K9
    --  Temperature and activity alerts to ensure your K9 is operating safely
        and at maximum capacity
    --  Durability to ensure the collar withstands water and other harsh

*The Wagz Warrior collar requires an additional data plan for real-time GPS and data storage.

"We are thrilled to introduce Wagz Warrior into the military and police market," said Wagz CEO, Terry Anderton. "We see a huge opportunity to help connect handlers to their K9s in real-time, and we are thrilled that the Wagz Warrior collar does this at a reasonable price, and through an easy-to-use, modern app."

Attending HITS gives Wagz an opportunity to network and learn from hundreds of K9 handlers and other industry experts. "The Wagz team is so excited to be sponsoring HITS this year and launching our Wagz Warrior line", said Wagz Analyst Chris Bohlig. "Our mission with this line has always been to make the toughest, most reliable police and military smart dog collar on the market to aid in the protection and safety of our community." Wagz will be at booth 509 at the HITS conference. Stop by to see how Wagz Warrior makes every second count.

About Wagz: At Wagz, we're dog people. We are on a mission to strengthen the connection between humans and dogs, through connected technology, for a safer, healthier, happier experience. Everything we do - from showing up to work every morning, to creating features and technologies that bring humans closer to their dogs - is stamped with our Dog Strong mantra. If it's not strong enough for dogs, it's not coming from Wagz. For more information on the Wagz Warrior line, visit www.wagzwarrior.com.

Terry Anderton
President & CEO
Wagz, Inc.

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