Equifax Breach Underscores Business Vulnerabilities

BOSTON, Sept. 19, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- The epic Equifax breach, impacting 1 in 2 Americans and arriving on the heels of a veritable deluge of large-scale, high-profile server hacks, has left individuals and business alike feeling vulnerable. Which begs the question - why doesn't every business assume their server can and will be hacked, and so design a system built for that new reality?

Equifax provides an excellent case in point - one might well expect the company to be at the extreme end of the security spectrum given it is their business to aggregate highly sensitive data and keep it secure... but despite (most likely) tens of millions in annual security budget and hundreds of security analysts, even their system was compromised.

"The Equifax situation highlights more than ever the need for a security system that eliminates central points of attack and protects businesses data even when the servers are compromised," said Randy Battat, President and CEO of PreVeil.

Most organizations have the concept of a "super-user" or "administrator" who can access all information in the system. However, it's important to have trust that is not centralized, but rather, distributed amongst a set of administrators or users. This avoids centralized points that can become targets for attackers. As a result, no one person within an enterprise - whether they're hacked from the outside, or are themselves an insider threat - can bring the entire business down.

PreVeil, which provides next generation email, file-sharing, and storage systems, is helping businesses take advantage of this decentralized approach and protect their information with end-to-end encryption.

"It's time to try something new in cyber-security because these breaches are intolerable," said Randy Battat, President and CEO of PreVeil. "Executives especially have to ask themselves the tough questions - what are we doing to protect our company? What can we do to seize control and lessen our vulnerability? The good news is that there IS a better way. In just a few minutes, for free, businesses and individuals can ensure that their email is safe, thereby protecting sensitive communications."

"The Equifax breach is the final straw in highlighting server weaknesses," added Mr. Battat. "Businesses need to wake up to the reality of their vulnerability to hacks and focus on protecting their data under the assumption they're going to be breached."

For a limited time, PreVeil is providing its next generation email and document services free of cost. For more information on how your business can PreVeil, please go to www.preveil.com.

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