Geom Therapeutics to Develop and Commercialize LegoChem Biosciences' Novel Beta Lactamase Inhibitors For Treating Gram-Negative Infections

SAN DIEGO, Sept. 27, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Geom Therapeutics, Inc., today announced it has expanded its partnership with LegoChem Biosciences by entering into a license agreement for access to LegoChem Biosciences' novel beta lactamase inhibitor (BLI) program. Geom's pipeline, which addresses the rising incidence of multidrug-resistant (MDR) gram-negative pathogens, will be strengthened by the addition of the BLI program.

Geom's lead candidate, GT-1, is a novel cephalosporin (beta-lactam) antibiotic with a unique mechanism of action and broad-spectrum activity against gram-negative pathogens, including MDR Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Acinetobacter species. GT-1 is being developed for the treatment of serious gram-negative infections in hospitalized patients. GT-1 will enter Phase 1 clinical studies in 2018 under a contract with the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

Geom plans to combine GT-1 with candidates from LegoChem Biosciences' novel BLI program. BLIs inhibit bacterial enzymes called beta-lactamases that break down beta-lactam antibiotics. Preclinical studies have shown that the addition of the BLIs dramatically enhance the potency and expand the spectrum of GT-1. The combination of GT-1 and the lead BLI candidate is currently advancing through preclinical development.

Under the terms of the agreement, Geom receives an exclusive license to develop and commercialize the BLIs worldwide, outside of Korea. LegoChem Biosciences receives contingent upfront and milestone payments and retains rights in Korea. Geom is responsible for all costs related to the development and commercialization of the BLIs in its territory. Geom will continue to work collaboratively with LegoChem Biosciences to develop the novel BLI for gram-negative infections.

Dirk Thye, M.D., Executive Chairman of Geom Therapeutics, Inc., said, "The alarming emergence and proliferation of MDR gram-negative infections represent a critical and underappreciated threat to human health worldwide. Our objective at Geom is to help solve this threat by creating safe and effective drugs to cure these deadly infections and ameliorate the risk of a post-antibiotic era in which antibiotics are no longer effective. Combining LegoChem Biosciences' BLI with GT-1 allows Geom to pursue the development of a compelling new drug candidate with the potential to treat these otherwise untreatable emergent pathogens."

About LegoChem Biosciences

LegoChem Biosciences is a biopharmaceutical company focusing on the development of next-generation novel therapeutics utilizing its proprietary medicinal drug discovery technology LegoChemistry(TM) & ADC platform technology ConjuAll(TM). Since its foundation in 2006, LCB has focused on the research and development of ADC (Antibody-Drug-Conjugates), antibiotics, anticoagulants and anticancer therapeutics based on its proprietary platform technologies.

About GT-1

GT-1 is a novel siderophore cephalosporin antibiotic and is being developed for the treatment of MDR gram-negative bacterial infections. GT-1 is actively transported into gram-negative cells by exploiting iron uptake systems that use low molecular weight iron-binding molecules, known as siderophores, to transport iron into the cells. This "Trojan Horse" strategy facilitates the uptake of GT-1 into the bacterial periplasmic space in high concentrations where GT-1 binds to its penicillin-binding protein targets and disrupts cell wall synthesis, leading to cell death. This increased transportation into bacterial cells potentiates activity against gram-negative bacteria, including activity against MDR Acinetobacter spp. and P. aeruginosa. All IND-enabling studies have been completed for GT-1 and Geom Therapeutics plans to submit an IND to the FDA in 2H 2017. More information about GT-1 can be viewed at:

About Geom Therapeutics

Geom Therapeutics is a biotechnology company focused on the development of novel antibiotics for MDR gram-negative infections. We are a joint venture with LegoChem Biosciences, a publicly traded Korean biotechnology company (KOSDAQ:141080) and the inventor of GT-1. GT-1, our lead product candidate, a cephalosporin with a novel uptake mechanism, has demonstrated broad spectrum efficacy against gram-negative pathogens. We are developing GT-1 for serious bacterial infections, including those caused by MDR P. aeruginosa and Acinetobacter spp. The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), has agreed to conduct a Phase I study with GT-1. We have built an exceptional research and development team with deep expertise in the development of new antibiotics from discovery through approval. Our mission is to improve patients' lives by developing novel antibiotics to treat resistant infections for which there are no available therapies. For more information, please visit

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