Thinkterior Launches myWall; a Multifunctional Wall Panel that Provides Creative Storage Solutions for Small Spaces

SINGAPORE, Oct. 2, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- In South East Asia people are used to smaller homes, often living in a high rise, high-density environment. Homeowners and renters alike need to be inventive, especially when it comes to storage. The trend for smaller homes is also gaining popularity in the US and Europe, which has prompted Thinkterior to design a product with smaller spaces in mind.

Multifunctional Spaces. Go vertical and reduce the clutter!

As homes get smaller living spaces need to accommodate multiple functions; work, sleep, entertaining and even cooking. myWall can be configured to address all of these needs and a series of myWall panels in a small apartment can free up valuable floor space by eliminating the need for book cases, wardrobes, TV consoles and kitchen cabinets, just go vertical!

myWall - a storage system with infinite possibilities

myWall is a high quality hardwood panel that resembles an oversized peg-board. The hardwood panel sits on an aluminum cleat that is attached securely to the wall. Once the cleat is fixed, there is no need to drill again as all Thinkterior myWall accessories have been designed to 'plug and play' using aluminum pins that allows the user to create smart storage solutions according to their individual needs.

Sustainability and Durability

The myWall panel uses Para wood, also known as rubber tree wood and it's a by-product of the Thai latex industry. Para wood has a great natural colour, a beautiful grain and it is extremely durable, it's even used to construct bowling alley lanes. Thinkterior chose this material not only because of its sustainability but also for its durability. We also use aluminum for our locking pins, which are also recyclable.

Form. Function. Quality.

Form, function and quality are the three pillars of Thinkterior's product design.


We have created a simple clean aesthetic inspired by Scandinavian and Japanese design that will fit into most interiors.


We design our products to be clever and practical. There is no real limitation on what you can achieve with myWall and we encourage our customers to 'hack' their myWall, making them a truly unique solution.


We designed the myWall ecosystem with longevity in mind using high quality materials. It's also highly portable and can be put up and dismantled in around 10 minutes, so if you are an urban nomad and always on the go, your system can pack up and move with you, without the need to shift large bulky furniture.

About Thinkterior

Thinkterior was created in 2013 after the three founding partners worked on a design hotel project in Phuket, Thailand. Thinkterior's initial focus was creating interiors for children and has delivered projects in Asia, Middle East, Europe and North America. In 2016 the partners decided to add product design to their services and created the myWall ecosystem.

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