Source Holdings Corp. Introduces CoolSys Brand to Extend National Service for Mission-Critical Refrigeration and HVAC Systems

Source Holdings Corporation is pleased to announce its newly-developed national brand, CoolSys™. CoolSys provides design, installation, repair and maintenance, and optimization of mission-critical refrigeration and HVAC systems. It will provide service and support to refrigeration customers nationwide through its existing service brands: Source Refrigeration & HVAC, Service Refrigeration Company (SRC), Legacy Air, Refrigeration Solutions Incorporated (RSI) and Advanced Refrigeration Systems.

“For the thousands of business customers who rely on us daily, the CoolSys family of operating companies will give them access to the most comprehensive set of resources and solutions to manage the total cost and performance of their mission-critical refrigeration and HVAC systems,” said Adam Coffey, CEO, CoolSys. “Our customers will benefit from professional, consistent account management and 24/7/365 access to highly-trained, leading technicians across North America.”

CoolSys’ market-leading businesses provide a full spectrum of best-in-class service experiences and solutions to the retail, commercial, and industrial refrigeration and HVAC industries. Its service brands are a one-stop shop for local, regional and national customers, with comprehensive service and solution offerings that span the entire customer value chain, including design, engineering, installation, maintenance, service and optimization.

“Under the new brand, CoolSys will expand upon its long-standing relationships with many of today’s leading grocery retailers as well as market leaders in other industries, by meeting their needs in a more holistic way. We understand our customers’ needs may vary based on their geography, industry or business size, and we deliver consistent value on every level,” added Coffey.

CoolSys’ operating companies successfully service customers across North America by leveraging their own local talent, while benefiting from the financial strength and resources of the forward-thinking, market-leading, national CoolSys brand and its family of CoolSys companies.

About CoolSys

CoolSys is a market-leading refrigeration and HVAC company, specializing in a full spectrum of best-in-class service experiences and solutions for the retail, commercial, and industrial refrigeration and HVAC industries. CoolSys and its operating businesses cover every stage of mission-critical systems through design, installation, optimization, maintenance, service and repair. Headquartered in Southern California, CoolSys has more than 1,000 highly-trained, field-based service and installation experts serving the daily needs of more than 2,500 customers across North America. For additional information, please visit